'Overwatch' Baptiste Short Story Might Have Just Introduced Hero 31

Blizzard has just released a brand new short story set in the world of Overwatch, chronicling Baptiste's escape from Talon. "What You Left Behind" shows the support's past coming back to haunt him once again. It's one of the better written and told stories in the game's lore, using flashbacks and gunfire to draw you in.

Spoilers for the short story below:

Baptiste overwatch new hero

"What You Left Behind" Story Summary

Baptiste was born Port-de-Paix in Haiti and never really knew what to do with his life. He joined the Carribean Coalition when he had the chance, but soon found himself as a Talon agent. He committed multiple atrocities and acts of war as a medic for the terrorist cell before realizing this was too much.

The story has flashbacks to four years ago, when Baptiste left Talon after the Monte Cristi mission. Talon burned the town to the ground to a missing target, even using an aircraft to fire on civilians. This had caused Baptiste to decide he could no longer work for the organization. He's stopped attempting to flee on a boat by his squad mate Mauga, but he eventually lets him go.

The short story begins in a clinic in Port-de-Paix that is having trouble getting medical supplies. Sainclair Pharmaceuticals had been raising prices and the clinic was struggling to stay afloat. After helping some patients, Baptiste finds two of his former Talon squadmates at a nearby bar. There's Nguyen, described as a "sharply-dressed Vietnamese man" and Mauga, a giant covered in tattoos.

The pair explain that they want him to go on one more mission: to capture Vernand Sanclair, president of Sainclair Pharmaceuticals, because he hasn't been paying his monetary dues. Entering his sprawling estate, they quickly find out they've wandered into an ambush. After mowing through dozens of guards, they finally reach Sinclair at his mansion. Sanclair had worked for Overwatch when the team was still around, but betrayed them by feeding information to Talon.

To try and save himself, Sanclair offered up a datapad of all the locations of Overwatch's heroes who had been recently called to action. When Baptiste was given the opportunity to slay Sanclair in cold blood, he refused and used his jump boots to save them both.

The story ends with Baptiste calling Sombra to help find Mercy for a "favor."

Overwatch Hero 31 Teased?

overwatch baptiste new skin
Mauga enjoying his drink Blizzard

This story doesn't include many easter eggs or hidden details, but it does introduce us to Mauga. He's a giant of a man with dreadlocks and tattoos, similar to Maui from Disney's Moana. His shield can protect him from bullets and his "giant guns" dispatch enemies. He would make an awesome addition to Talon's roster of playable Overwatch characters. We haven't had a heavy bruiser in a while, and his kit sounds similar to Gibraltar from Apex Legends, who is one of the battle royalke's best characters.

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