Why 'Overwatch's Storm Rising Event Is Disappointing Fans

Each year, Overwatch fans eagerly anticipate April's Archive event, the only time where players know they can definitely look forward to new lore and new PvE map. However, the latest Archive event, Storm Rising, has been met with resounding disappointment from the Overwatch community.

Shortly after the event began on Tuesday, multiple users on the game's subreddit posted threads criticizing various aspects of the event. Some were thankful for the lore but found Storm Rising to be empty. Others said that the story elements weren't worth the year-long wait for archives. One user was frustrated with the simplicity of the event's gameplay. In a thread popular thread on Overwatch's subreddit titled "Is it just me or was the mission disappointing?" Reddit user, Guy1524 said

"Just killing some folks and pushing a payload, really underwhelming."

Storm Rising Spoilers below:

The new event takes place six years prior to the current story. It opens with a cutscene featuring Overwatch's A team—Tracer, Winston, Genji and Mercy—in pursuit of Talon's Omnic benefactor, Maximilien. Of course, Maximilien narrowly escapes as the opening cutscene concludes, forcing the Overwatch team to chase him to an impenetrable sea fort.

Much of Storm Rising's gameplay is escorting a payload filled with explosives to the sea fort's nearly indestructible doors. Once the mission is completed, players are treated to a short cutscene where Overwatch's team captures Maximilien, requesting a meeting with one of his associates.

The scenery then changes to what appears to be the game's Temple of Anubis map. Doomist is meeting with a hooded figure, that's revealed to be an Omnic we have yet to meet in the lore.

Many users found the mission to be empty in both gameplay content and lore, criticizing that it didn't answer anything, and only provided more questions.

In one of the Overwatch subreddit's most currently popular posts, user Cricri3007 said " The "Dramatic face reveal" trope doesn't work when we have no idea who the guy is."

The overall consensus is that for the time users had to wait, Storm Rising is underwhelming. Many expected a significant lore drop, like the last two Archive events, but instead received a handful of teasers for what's to come.

Fortunately, in a post- Storm Rising update Livestream with Overwatch commentator OhNickel, game director Jeff Kaplan revealed more lore-focused comics will be coming out in the near future

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