'Overwatch' Storm Rising Archives Event Skins: New Cosmetics for Bastion, Junkrat and More

The next Overwatch event is Storm Rising, giving players the chance to try out new skins will defeating Talon agents in Monaco starting on April 16.

In a new video showing off Storm Rising's lore, Genji, Mercy, Tracer and Winston fight off Talon agents and shredding through their numbers. Tracer even has a motorcycle (please let us ride). This Archives event seems to be different from Retribution and Uprising in a number of ways, but the most noticable is that the main heroes are wearing their current skins. In the past, we saw what Tracer in an all-blue academic outfit and Genji looking like a cyberpunk freak. How will Storm Rising sell skins if they aren't in the mode?

The answer is simple: by giving players more than 160 new cosmetics, sprays and icons to earn. Though they might not be front and center in the Storm Rising PVE mode, there are new skins for Soldier:76, Junkrat and many of the other Overwatch members for players to earn. These skins are more in line with the Anniversary event, creating crazy skin ideas that may not be lore-specific. Zarya was most likely wasn't a race car driver nor Hammond a high-rolling casino owner. But Monaco has a Grand Prix racing event and a giant casino, making the skins feel a little less out of place.

Here are all the Storm Rising event skins that have been revealed so far.

Overwatch Storm Rising Event Skins

Socialite Ashe

Circus Junkrat (Epic)

Racer Zarya (Epic)

Gwishin Bastion (Legendary)

Formal:76 (Legendary)

High Roller Wrecking Ball (Epic)

Deadlock McCree (Legendary)

Scientist Moira (Legendary)

Talon Baptiste (Legendary)

Which of these skins is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.