Owner Chases Dog in Circles as He Evades Capture in Comical Scenes

A video of a hapless owner desperately chasing their dog around a yard in a hilarious attempt to catch them has been viewed more than five million times.

The comical scenes were captured by TikToker @ScullyGlasses, who filmed her neighbor, Mikey Nikey, running circles around her garden in an attempt to recapture his pet, named Miso.

It seems the pooch only wants to play, as the pair engage in a hilarious game of cat-and-mouse around a table and chairs in the backyard. The poor owner literally runs in circles, as the lithe dog slips through Mikey's grasp, quickly changing direction.

Mikey makes repeated attempts to grab the dog, a cockapoo/mini golden doodle mix, as he runs past his feet, but each time the pup evades capture. ScullyGlasses, from Ontario, Canada, shared the video to the social media site on Monday, where it has already amassed 5.1 million views.

The on-screen caption reads: "Please witness my neighbor try to capture his dog who wandered into my yard." ScullyGlasses, filming from an upstairs window, can be heard giggling in the background as she watched the farcical scenes below.

"My neighbor gravely underestimated his dog Miso's desire to go inside," she said in another video. At the end of the clip, Mikey can be seen walking off, as the captions confirm he did eventually managed to get hold of Miso.

"At the end he finally caught him by tricking him into thinking he was going back," the clip, which can be seen here, adds.

She revealed Mikey was yelling at Miso throughout the chase, adding: "He's just saying 'Miso, No! Come here!' At one point he says 'got you!' (he did not get him.)

"He felt so bad. He's such a sweet neighbor. We were dying laughing though."

After the clip blew up, Mikey uploaded his reaction to the ordeal on his TikTok page on Monday, @mikeymynikey, sharing clips of him and Miso.

ScullyGlasses also shared the clip to her page to update fans, saying: "My neighbor finally caught me so I informed him he's a very famous TikTok dog. Next up zoomies around the world..."

She captioned it: "Thank you for being such good sports about Miso's newfound fame!!!

Since the original clip was uploaded, numerous people recommended various songs should be added in the background, seeing her re-upload the clip set to the "I'm fast as f*** boy" snippet on TikTok, "Track Star" by Mooksi, and the hilarious Benny Hill TV theme tune.

Numerous people commented on the clips in stitches, with popular channel WeRateDogs saying: "This feels like we're watching a cartoon."

"He's having way too much fun," SixteenViolets joked.

Danielle thought: "Thanks for finding the joy in your neighbor's dog rather than complain and yell."

Sierra added: "That dog is having the best nap."

Newsweek has reached out to ScullyGlasses and Mikey Nikey for comment.

File photo of a puppy.
File photo of a puppy. An owner haplessly chasing their dog around in circles has been viewed more than 5m times. dmussman/Getty Images