Owner Shares Genius Way He Tricks Rottweiler Into Obeying: 'Great Tactics'

Have you ever been ignored by your dog? One owner has devised a genius new strategy to get the attention of his Rottweiler in a viral TikTok video that has delighted viewers.

Shared on Sunday, the video posted by TikTok user sophie.herronx has more than 175,000 views and thousands of likes.

In the video, the text overlay reads: "When your dog refuses to come downstairs so you have to pretend there is another dog in the house," as a man behind the camera says: "Oh he's a good boy. Sit. Nicely," although he was talking to a dog that isn't there.

Before long, the dejected Rottweiler appears in front of the camera to see what is happening—and if there is indeed another dog in his home.

In stitches at the video, TikTok users flooded to the comments to share their thoughts. One commenter said: "Class. He was still suspicious when he came in," and another wrote: "That look said 'who you talkin' to?'"

"Great tactics," wrote one commenter.

Others shared how the same trick works well with their own dogs: "My dog is so nosey, this gets her every time," said one commenter. "I have to say hello into thin air so he thinks someone new has come in," wrote another dog owner.

Reliable recall is one of the most important skills you can teach your dog. Important for getting their attention for things like dinner, treats and cuddles, it is also essential to be able to get your pup's attention to stop them from doing something potentially dangerous or getting into trouble.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) says: "Reliable recall means when you call your dog to come, you want to be 99.99 percent sure they are going to enthusiastically respond. Dogs are not robots, so there is never any guarantee that they will listen to your cue. But with a lifesaving skill like recall, we are working towards them being as consistent as possible."

The AKC suggests making training recall like a game for your dog—ensuring your dog thinks that coming and being near you is always full of great treats and rewards. They suggest starting training in a slow, low-distraction environment, showing your pup a toy or treat, and praising them as they come to you before rewarding them.

After a few repetitions, you can start to add in your chosen verbal cue such as "come" or "here." High-value treats like chicken or cheese when they do come to you ensure your dog is well motivated. Eventually, start adding distance in your low-distraction environment before eventually moving to different environments to train your dog to come on cue.

Other TikTok users were inspired by the viral video, with one commenter writing: "Love it! I'm so trying this," while another viewer confirmed it isn't just dogs that react to this sort of misdirection: "I do this with my cats! It always works," wrote the TikToker.

Newsweek has asked sophie.herronx for comment.

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Rottweiler dog sitting on couch
A Rottweiler dog sitting on a couch wearing a red bandana collar. The internet has praised a dog owner after they shared the unusual way they get their pup to obey their commands. adogslifephoto/Getty Images