Package Thief Goes Viral After Being Setup With Package of Bricks, Chased Down the Street

A video is garnering a lot of attention online showing a package thief being setup with a package of bricks and chased down the street. People can't stop talking about the viral video.

In the subreddit r/PublicFreakout, the video was posted on December 21. "Package thief gets caught stealing a staged Amazon package full of bricks," the post is titled. It started with a woman walking up to a door with a bag while her getaway vehicle drove by the residence. The camera is positioned in a window waiting for the would-be robber, and the woman put the package in her bag as she carried it away. Suddenly, the homeowner leaves the house following the package thief with a GoPro. He ran after her, and she appeared to pick up the package from the ground, running away from him.

"The f**k you doing?" the homeowner asked her as she dropped the package of bricks. "The f**k you doing dumbs**t? I got you on video anyways."

The woman ran toward the direction of her getaway car, which had a door open for her. They both took off around the corner, where it appeared she got in the car.

"I got you on video, and your plates," the homeowner said. He watched the car drive off before heading home.

According to research done by Safewise, in the last 12 months, about 210 million packages have gone missing from porches in the United States. The top 10 metro cities in 2021 where package thievery happens the most from least to most occurs in: Hartford, Connecticut; Raleigh, North Carolina; Greenville, South Carolina; Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; Seattle, Washington Salt Lake City, Utah; San Francisco, California; and Denver, Colorado.

Front door with packages
A package thief has gone viral after being setup with a package of bricks and chased down the street. A front door with packages in front of it. JENNIFER J TAYLOR/GETTY

The video has more than 20,000 upvotes on Reddit with 1,800 comments. People have a lot of thoughts about the situation, and some even poked fun at it.

"She will rethink those flip flops on her next crime spree," a TikToker reasoned. "Get some running shoes, pirate."

Another viewer would have had fun with the situation. "If I were him, I would have yelled 'Hey! That's my new PS5!' Just so she would try harder to carry the bricks," they said.

"Kind of a shame they still couldn't catch her, despite her poor choice of shoes," another viewer added. "I get that they were focusing more on the camera [it was pretty stable] and probably trying to spook her into not doing it again, but still."

Others had comments like, "The getaway driver's survival instincts kicked in," and "Congrats on your free bag."

"She must have thought she won the jackpot by the weight of the package Lol," a viewer joked.

Another hoped the homeowner alerted authorities. "Please tell me you reported their plates to the police," they said.

"That's an excellent way to get yourself shot," another TikToker wrote about the situation.