Paddleboarder Gets Stuck Between Huge Shark and Prey in Heartstopping Video

A paddleboarder got stuck between a tiger shark and its prey in Australia, a heartstopping video shows.

The footage, posted to Brodie Moss' YouTube channel YBS Youngbloods, shows Moss balancing on his paddleboard as the tiger shark stalks a sea turtle.

"Big showdown," Moss can be heard saying. "I'm right in the thick of it."

As the paddleboard continues to balance, the shark can be seen honing in on its prey.

"Oh no!" Moss can be heard saying.

The video shows the heartstopping moment Moss is caught between the predator and its prey

The sea turtle appears to quickly dodge the shark, but it begins to head straight towards the paddleboard, the shark following closely behind. The animals then continue their fight right below the paddleboard.

"It's intense," he says. "They're underneath me! Look the tiger's got the turtle underneath me!"

The shark then begins circling the board, as the sea turtle remains hidden.

"I don't know if I'm in the best position here," he says.

As the animals continue to circle each other, the paddleboard is suddenly right between them.

"Uh oh," Moss says.

The shark then approaches the board and bites in, causing Moss to fall off into the water.

In a tense moment, the camera appears to sink to the bottom of the seafloor, and nothing else can be seen other than sand. Distant cries can be heard in the background as the camera rests on the seabed.

Moss then manages to swim down and retrieve the phone. The footage stops as the man emerges from the water.

In a caption to the video, Moss writes: "A humbling reminder for myself that it's their ocean and I'm just a visitor! I love sharks and this little accident was not the big fella's fault."

Moss is no stranger to tiger sharks. A previous video posted to his Instagram page, shows him jumping in the water with a huge tiger shark swimming in the shallows.

Tiger sharks are considered one of the more dangerous shark species. They are responsible for the second highest number of shark attacks of any species, following the great white shark.

They are also one of the largest shark species, reaching up to 18 feet in some cases. Tiger sharks eat a wide variety of marine animals and are well known for their taste in sea turtles.

According to the Florida Museum, which holds the world's only shark attack file, tiger sharks are a curious species and will often get close to humans. The fact they are involved in a wide number of shark attacks means a "great deal of respect" must be taken around them.

Tiger shar
A stock photo shows a tiger shark, The sharks are known for being dangerous. Howard Chen/Getty Images