You Can Now Get Paid $2K Just To Sleep While Testing Out Pillows and Bedding

The old saying goes that if you can make money in your sleep, you're onto a winning formula.

And that's exactly what one dream job—literally—is advertising, as company Sleep Junkie is on the hunt for a real-life "princess and the pea."

If you've forgotten the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen, it tells the story of a royal who slept on a pea, covered by 20 mattresses, and had an awful night's sleep.

Sleep Junkie is looking for someone else plagued by restless nights, saying "sound sleepers need not apply," but they confirmed you don't have to be a royal, and there are no vegetables involved.

Instead, the lucky applicant will be tasked with reviewing eight different sleeping aids over the course of two months, trialing each one for a week.

The aim is to "curate the ultimate sleep guide for troubled sleepers worldwide," with the accessories including eye masks, apps, bedding and pillows. And they confirmed the troubled sleeper will be able to keep everything.

The dream job does come with a princely sum, with the chosen candidate earning $2,000 for the role, equating to roughly $250 an hour.

The super sleeper will need to feedback their thoughts on each aid, with each individual review lasting around an hour.

Applicants need to be available to start after January 22, and Sleep Junkie confirmed this is a remote position which can be done from home.

Those applying need to be over 21, based in the U.S., have "excellent writing skills" and a smartphone capable of downloading sleep apps.

In order to be in with a chance of being selected, you need to apply by January 8, and tell them team all about your nightly routine.

Dorothy Chambers, of Sleep Junkie, said: "The science of sleep is fascinating and we are constantly researching the latest trends and technology to share with our readers. As a team, we are all dedicated to providing the best sleep advice we can.

"We believe that everyone is entitled to and can achieve a restful night's sleep. Our hope is that by recruiting someone with poor sleep history, we can help them find peace at night, whilst they help us gather useful information we can share with others."

If you're struggling to get some shut-eye now, Chambers shared a few tips for those struggling to drift off, including avoiding using electronics right before bed, eating a heavy meal, caffeine and overstressing.

Other tips include ditching laying awake in bed for too long, inconsistent sleep hours, uncomfortable bedroom conditions, and vigorous exercise.

To apply for the position, click here.

File photo of sleeping woman.
File photo of sleeping woman. A company is looking to pay one lucky person $2,000, just to sleep. KrisCole/Getty Images