You Can Now Get Paid $2,500 to Sample Hot Sauce for a Week as a 'Saucemelier'

A furious debate in most households is whether ketchup or mayonnaise belong on fries, when the answer is both, with hot sauce on the side.

But if you consider yourself an aficionado of dips, you can put your palate to good use by becoming a "saucemelier."

Restaurant chain California Tortilla, known as Cal Tort, is looking for one lucky applicant to consult on all things saucy.

The foodie will need to sample the numerous varieties on offer at the eatery, which it says serves "'California style' Mexican food," and suggest food pairings as well as sauce flights.

And they'll be paid $2,500 for the week-long gig at Cal Tort's HQ, in Montgomery County, Maryland. "The short-term consulting gig is open to all flavor fanatics, sauce connoisseurs, and people that just generally like to live life saucy," Cal Tort said.

They confirmed they're looking for someone who can "take the heat," and has a "great taste for flavor."

Their website claims their vast sauce stock ranges from "mild to tongue-melting," with names including Pyromania, Flamin Gator, Ring of Fire, Colon Cleaner, Ass in the Tub, Scorned Woman and Bee Sting.

A press release explained more about the saucemelier (pronounced Sauce-muhl-yay) position, saying: "Think of a sommelier, but with all the sauces."

Robert Phillips, President of California Tortilla, said: "We proudly feature 75 distinctive hot sauces on our Wall of Flame, and also provide 14 sauces that can be added to any Cal Tort order, so we know how to bring out the flavor in each dish.

"Now, we're looking for someone to put their palate to the test and match our sauces with our unique and bold menu flavors. It's definitely a crave-inducing job, so if you can't stand bland, then we invite you to apply."

Cal Tort confirmed to Newsweek the winner will have flights and transportation paid for them if they're not local.

The deadline for applications is December 15, and you need to be over 18 and a U.S. citizen to apply, with the winner announced in the first week of January.

In order to be in with a chance of getting hired you'll need to send your resume, and a video, explaining why you're a perfect fit for the role. To apply, click here.

If heat isn't your thing, you can also get paid $1,234 to watch your favorite childhood movies, and take notes to see how your perception of it has changed from a kid to an adult.

Satellite TV channel, USDish, will supply classic flicks from yesteryear, which could include Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Aladdin or even The Karate Kid.

As well as the movie marathon, the winner will receive a "swag bag" containing $350 worth of goodies.

To apply by December 17, click here and tell them why you're perfect for the job.

File photo of hot sauce.
File photo of hot sauce. A company is looking for one lucky person to get paid $2,500 to eat hot sauce for a week. Dejan Markovic/Getty Images