Palin As Truman: How It Works, How It Doesn't

The Comparison
Veep nominee Sarah Palin answers concerns about her inexperience by comparing herself to Harry Truman, who became president three months into his term, when FDR died. At the time, Truman didn't even know about the development of the atom bomb.

Why It Works
Both had non-elite upbringings and, as Palin says, "unlikely" paths to high office. In the reformer category, both were early supporters of pork projects (Truman's early political career was backed by the Pendergast machine) who later lambasted wastefulness and fraud.

Why It Doesn't
Truman, a World War I vet, was selected more for his 10-year service in the Senate, where he voted on major national legislation and steered a war-preparedness committee, than his origins as a small-town Missouri haberdasher, as Palin has suggested.

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