Palin's Book Advance: $1.25 Million. Plus, She Discloses $43k in Gifts.

Remember those rumors that Sarah Palin was asking for an $11 million book advance for her upcoming autobiography? Well, she didn't get that much. According to a newly-filed financial-disclosure form, the former Alaska governor was given a $1.25 million advance for Going Rogue. The disclosure doesn't list when Palin officially inked the book deal or when she received the money, but the forms, first reported by the Anchorage Daily News, cover from January 1 to July 26, 2009, when she officially resigned from office. How does that compare with what other political hot shots got for their books? Well, former First Lady Laura Bush reportedly received $1.6 million for her memoirs. George W. Bush was rumored to have gotten a $7 million advance for his upcoming book on the toughest decisions he made as president. Hillary Clinton was paid $8 million upfront for her autobiography. Meanwhile Bill Clinton topped everybody, with a $15 million book advance for My Life. What do Palin and all of these folks have in common? They were all repped by Washington power lawyer Bob Barnett in negotiating their deals.

When Palin left the governor's office this summer, one reason circulated was that she needed to make money to pay off her legal fees related to various ethics complaints. While the forms do not list Palin's debts, she does report that she took a loan out on her home "to fight false allegations while governor." The amount, however, is not disclosed. She was paid $73,000 for her final seven and a half months in office, not including a $6,371 per diem. The First Dude, Todd Palin, earned $34,086 working at BP and $32,260 from his commercial fishing operation during the same period. According to the forms, Palin also founded a marketing business, Pie Spy LLC—though the form lists no income from the venture.

But what's life without getting something for free? According to the disclosure, Palin and her family reported more than $43,000 in gifts, including free travel, jewelry, art, sporting goods, and clothing. Among the more notable gifts: New York Yankees tickets valued at $4,250 from Rudy Giuliani; $2,666 worth of Nu Skin skincare; a $1,599 revolver honoring Alaskan statehood from Ruger Firearms Company; and a $1,664 plane ticket from evangelist Franklin Graham, who visited a series of remote western Alaskan villages with Palin earlier this year. The First Dude, meanwhile, received $2,000 in travel and lodging from the Candie's Foundation, a teen abstinence group for whom their daughter, Bristol, served as a spokeswoman.