Palin's PAC Buys Lots of Palin Books

ABC News is reporting that Sarah Palin's PAC spent $63,000 purchasing copies of her own book to send to donors, according to her PAC filings. That's a lot of books. Even if one assumes she paid full price ($28.99, when she could have bought them from Amazon for example at $13.50), that's 2,173 books. It's unclear whether she will forgo the royalties she would ordinarily receive from the purchase of these books by her own PAC. Since she's not currently in elected office or a candidate, the rules are murky.

Interestingly, this latest news provides more material for Andrew Romano's speculation that she isn't particularly interested in helping her fellow GOPers out. She's in it for herself (which is perhaps a reasonable ambition for the matriarch of a family of modest means with a special-needs child to consider ... just sayin' ...). The evidence? Her PAC spent more on purchasing her own books than she did on donations to Republicans on the ballot this year.

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