Pandemic Baby Thinks 'Everything' is Hand Sanitizer in Cute Resurfaced Clip

A viral video showing a baby who believes that anything she touches is a hand sanitizer dispenser first made its rounds on the Internet in early 2021, and it has recently resurfaced on the popular Reddit forum "MadeMeSmile."

First shared by Katie Lightfoot—as reported by the TODAY Show— the video showing a baby touching different surfaces before rubbing her hands together was re-shared by Reddit user u/Impressive_Remove510.

The United States Food and Drug Administration recommended several "preventative actions" to avoid the spread of COVID-19, including the use of hand sanitizer.

"If soap and water are not available, the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] recommends using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol," officials with the FDA stated.

Sanitizer used by children younger than six is not dangerous when used appropriately and with adult supervision.

"She is born in 2020 and thinks everything is a hand sanitizer," the text over the video read.

The baby is seen toddling over to touch various objects, including a planter, lights and the side of a ledge. She then rubs her hands together, mimicking the motion of distributing hand sanitizer.

"Cuteness Overload!" read the title of the post, which received more than 52,000 votes since it was shared.

Many Reddit users seemed to agree with the title, while some suggested babies born during the pandemic are likely going to practice strict personal hygiene routines.

"Before quarantine: toddlers play with normal toys," a Reddit user wrote. "In quarantine: toddlers go everywhere to look for a hand sanitizer."

Another wrote that the behavior may have been a result of watching and imitating behavior they see from adults who frequently use hand sanitizer.

"This is adorable but you're prolly using too much sanitizer...," a viewer quipped.

One commenter pointed out that the baby was touching different surfaces that may not be clean.

"I just couldn't help but giggle at the irony of a learned habit doing the opposite of what it was learned for," they wrote.

A few, however, suggested that while it was a "cute" video, it was "sad."

"Kind of sad actually, that kids currently grow up like this and don't know what normal is," a viewer commented.

Baby Hands
A viral video showing a baby touching different surfaces and rubbing her hands together as if she just applied hand sanitizer has recently resurfaced on Reddit. Above, a stock image of a baby's hands clapped together. BravissimoS/iStock

One Redditor suggested that it was "funny" to watch the baby repeat an action without understanding the meaning behind it.

"This to me is more like a kid pretending to drive a car or talking on a phone, just normal benign stuff," they wrote.

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