'League of Legends' Pantheon Rework Abilities: Leak Shows Off What Spartan Champion Can Do

The latest rework coming to League of Legends is for the MOBA's most prolific Spartan champion: Pantheon. The soldier with a shield and spear hasn't received a visual update or rework since his launch nearly a decade ago and the age has started to show. Champions with newer looks like Warwick or Aatrox feel like they don't even belong in the same game as good old Pantheon. It didn't help that his abilities were so simplistic; stuck in a loop of throwing spears and stunning enemies with a pounce.

pantheon rework league of legends
The new Pantheon looking strong as hell Riot Games

This new Pantheon is a much more rugged individual, who became scarred in a duel with the darkin Aatrox. He still has his spear and shield, but there's so much more to him and his character. His new kit, or abilities, have not technically been fully released by Riot Games, but thanks to the League of Legends reddit and a leak on the Philippines servers, we now know what Pantheon does.

We don't know if this leak is completely legit or if Pantheon's skills will be changed before he's on the PBE. Still, this set of abilities makes Pantheon a formidable opponent in the jungle or top lane. Throwing that shield down to gain invulnerability in a team fight after stunning a squishy enemy will make him a perfect choice for compositions that like to fight as a unit. His ultimate also has a much larger impact zone, giving you control over how you want to aim the angry soldier.

Pantheon Rework Abilities

Passive: Mortal Will- After five basic attacks, Pantheon's next basic ability is empowered.

Q: Comet Spear- Tap: Pantheon strikes in a direction, damaging all enemies in a line. Hold: Pantheon throws his spear in a line.

Empowered: Enemies take extra damage and are slowed.

W: Shield Vault- Pantheon leaps to a target enemy, dealing damage and stunning them.

Empowered: Pantheon's next basic attack hits three times, each at reduced damage.

E: Aegis Assault- Pantheon sets his shield in a direction, gaining invulnerability to enemies in that direction and dealing damage continuously. The last hit is extra powerful and still activates even if E is cancelled early.

Empowered: Aegis Assault lasts longer.

R: Grand Starfall- Pantheon leaps into the air and then hurdles back down to a target location, damaging enemies as he passes through. Mortal Will activates immediately when he lands.

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