Paraglider Swoops Down From Sky to Warn People That 'The Cops Are Coming'

Sydney, Australia, is currently under lockdown due to a rise in coronavirus cases.

Citizens of the city, which is located in New South Wales, are now only allowed out for reasons such as essential work or food shopping.

However, when a group of people decided to breach the restrictions and go for a walk in nature, they were saved from getting in trouble with the police by an unlikely lookout.

In footage shared to TikTok by kennysads, we can see a paraglider swooping down from the left, to warn the people sat on a grassy hill in the Northern Beaches.

The man, who has a prosthetic leg and is wearing a helmet, glides past shouting at the people below: "The cops are coming. The cops are coming. The police are coming!"

Kennysads then asks: "Are they?"

To this the paraglider again replies: "The police are coming up the hill!"

Kennysads captioned the surprising footage, writing: "Warning from the sky - lockdown vibes #police #socialdistancing #lockdown #essentialexcercise #fyp #warning #cops #aussie #northernbeaches."

Posted to the social media site on July 23, the video, which can be watched here, has since garnered more than 7.3 million views and 1.4 million likes.

Many people have taken to the comments section to share their thoughts on the clip.

One TikTok user, Truckwit, wrote: "Nobody would believe you if you told this story without a video to back it up."

Another person, Forrest Valkai, added: "The hero we needed, even if we don't deserve him."

Mr Williams asked: "Is my comedy broken? Because this is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!"

SemyKitten wrote: "Cops are coming a legend from the sky! We need more heroes like that."

Big Al typed: "I don't know if anyone has gotten the Nobel Peace Prize this year but I officially have a recommendation."

Moth Girl commented: "We need more of these citizen air units flying about."

Keana gushed: "I would cherish this moment and make it my core memory."

However, some people were critical of the group's behavior including who wrote: "And this is why we have lockdowns, because of people like them that refuse to believe the rules apply to them too."

The lockdown in Greater Sydney, which began in June, was extended for four more weeks on Wednesday morning.

A record 172 local cases of COVID was recorded on Tuesday and New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian explained that the restrictions will last until August 28 due to a rise in cases, and not be lifted on Friday as planned.

She said: "To the people of NSW, thank you for your patience, I am as upset and frustrated as all of you that we were not able to get the case numbers we would have liked at this point in time.

"But that is the reality. We have to deal with the cards here before us and the situation before us and that is why we have taken the action we have."

Newsweek has contacted Kennysads for comment.

paraglider in sky
A stock image of a paraglider in the sky. On TikTok a man was filmed swooping down to a grassy area in Sydney to warn people of the police's imminent arrival. Getty Images