Parent Finds Deadly Snake Curled Up in Child's Bedroom

Professional snake catchers have shared footage of the moment they removed a deadly snake from a child's bedroom.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, a company offering snake relocation services in South East Queensland, Australia, took care of the highly venomous snake after being called to a property in Wurtulla.

A video of the relocation, posted to the business' Facebook page on Monday, shows snake catcher and company owner Stuart McKenzie guide what he describes as the "very fast" eastern brown snake into a bag.

In a caption, McKenzie said the snake was "not something you want to find in your kid's bedroom" and added the residents of the property had "done the right thing" by locking the snake inside the room and watching it from the outside window.

They had also placed a towel on the floor on the outside of the bedroom door.

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After carrying out a search of the room, McKenzie found the snake curled up in a corner behind a small shelf unit.

Using a pole, he was able to lure the snake out of its hiding spot and into a bag. At one point, the lively snake almost manages to leap back out.

The end of the video shows McKenzie taking the bag outside and releasing the snake into a bushland area.

McKenzie told Newsweek: "Eastern browns are considered dangerously venomous to both adults and kids and if either was bitten it can be very life threatening.

"If someone has any snake in their home they need to keep a safe distance and keep pets and kids away from it and call a snake catcher straight away."

The eastern brown, also known as Pseudonaja textilis, is a medium-sized snake that can be found in a wide range of habitats and is widespread throughout eastern Australia. It can also be found in central and western Northern Territory areas.

According to the Australian Museum, the eastern brown snake can often react defensively if surprised or cornered and its venom contains powerful neurotoxins.

The museum states many bites have been a result of people trying to kill the snakes and "could obviously have been avoided." It adds anyone suspected of having been bitten by this type of snake should call for medical attention without delay.

In a video caption, McKenzie said it was good that the snake was able to be guided into a bag as smaller brown snakes can be difficult to grab. He told Newsweek that the footage was from about six months ago.

This is certainly not the first time the business has been called to deal with a snake found in a family home.

Last month, the business shared a video on its Facebook page of a red-bellied black snake that was found hiding inside a living room cupboard.

McKenzie was able to catch the animal and lower it into a bag before releasing it outside and allowing the snake to dart away.

Australia Eastern Brown Snake
A stock photo shows an Australia Eastern Brown snake photographed in Sydney, Australia. The snakes are able to deliver a dangerous venom. William West/AFP/Getty