Parent Shares Apparent Backlash Over Nutella Birthday Cake in Viral Post

One parent took to Reddit's "Am I the A**hole" forum after getting some backlash from their daughter's friend after she ate something she was allergic to.

Poster aitanutandstraw explained in their post -- which has garnered 11,000 votes and more than 1,000 comments -- that the Redditor's daughter, "Emma," is allergic to strawberries while her close friend, "Kat," is allergic to nuts. However, they both enjoy what the other is allergic to.

"[Four] months ago Emma received an invitation from Kat to her birthday party, which has been accepted," the Redditor wrote. "I have asked Kat's mother before if I need to bring something for Emma, but she assured me everything is fine."

After arriving at the party, however, aitanutandstraw learned that the party was strawberry-themed and the food contained strawberries. The Redditor and their daughter left after giving Kat her gift to avoid exposure to allergies.

According to Healthline, it can be difficult for a parent when their child with a food allergy attends a party, but it is their responsibility to keep their child safe.

To ensure the party goes smoothly, the piece stated that parents should communicate with the host before the party, teach their child to politely decline other treats in case there is some cross-contamination and prepare their own child for the party.

"Your main objective is to make sure your child feels like everyone else, and that they don't feel singled out because they have food allergies," the article reads. "That said, your child must be well informed about what they can and can't eat."

Birthday Cake
Commenters on a viral Reddit thread are jumping to a parent's defense after they received backlash from a fellow parent whose child suffered an allergic reaction at a birthday party. The Redditor wrote that they warned the parent an allergen would be present in one of the dessert options, but other treats were available for the child. Above, a stock image of a birthday cake is pictured. RuthBlack/Getty Images

Emma recently celebrated her birthday, and she wanted a Nutella cake, which meant hazelnuts would be in the desert. The Redditor told Kat's mother that the cake contained Nutella, but other nut-free dessert options would be available to Kat.

"She knew about that and everything went fine until Kat had to be rushed to the hospital due to [an] allergic reaction," aitanutandstraw wrote. "Kat's mum forgot that Nutella contained nuts and let Kat have a slice while me and my husband were not watching."

The Redditor continued and wrote that Kat's mother was angry with her and believed they were "getting back at her" for the strawberry-themed party.

An update provided by aitanutandstraw after the post was published stated that Kat explained she ate the cake after her mother told her it was just a chocolate cake.

Although aitanutandstraw was concerned they may have been wrong for getting their daughter a Nutella birthday cake, knowing that her friend is allergic to nuts, most commenters jumped to the Redditor's defense.

"Ah, yes. Of course. It's easy to forget that Nutella contains nuts," wrote one Redditor sarcastically. "It's completely your fault for not reminding her four times and then policing the cake."

Another commenter wrote that Kat's mother may not have known that hazelnuts were used in the cake or that she did not believe Nutella contained nuts, but she should have ensured it was safe for Kat to eat.

A few other Redditors lamented that Kat's mother should have gone through the ingredient list of Nutella after being warned of an allergen.

"I feel like OP did everything in their power to warn the other parent and that if you have a kid with allergies, you ask," a comment read. "If you're wondering why someone has said, 'this food will harm your kid' but you think it's harmless, you ask why it will harm your [kid]. The mother was warned."

A Redditor echoed the sentiment and wrote that they would have been more cautious if their own child had a serious allergy.

"You warned Kat's mom the cake contained Nutella, you provided safe alternatives, and Kat's mom brought her and let her eat cake," they wrote. "If that was my kid, knowing it was a dangerous nut allergy, I'd have watched her like a hawk to make sure she didn't have cake."

Newsweek reached out to aitanutandstraw for further comment.