'The Parent Trap' Fan Reveals Strange Coincidence With Actress' Real Life

A fan of the 1998 movie The Parent Trap has pointed out one strange coincidence between the plot and one actor's personal life, and gained over 500,000 likes for it.

TikTok user Madison Murphy shared her discovery in a viral video, posting it on July 20.

"I don't know who else to tell this to, so I just need you guys to listen up," she said. "All right, so we all know our Lord and Savior Chessy from The Parent Trap, she's played by a lady named Lisa Ann Walter. So, three years after The Parent Trap came out, in 2001, she gave birth to twins. Not only that but she gave birth to twins on October 11."

As viewers of the Lindsay Lohan movie will know, the plot tells the story of twins Hallie and Annie, who meet at summer camp only to realize they were separated at birth.

Chessy is their father Nick Parker's housekeeper at his Napa, California vineyard. In the movie, Chessy falls in love with butler Martin, and is also the first person to realize that Hallie is in fact Annie.

So, what's the significance of October 11? True fans of the movie will remember one scene where the girls bond over their love of peanut butter and Oreos, and subsequently put all the clues together.

"I'll be twelve on October 11," said Annie to Hallie.

"So will I," she responded.

"Your birthday's October 11?" asked Annie.

"How weird is that?" Hallie said.

Although the viral video claimed that Walter had twins three years after The Parent Trap's release, it's only partly true. In reality, the actress birthed twins two years after, in 2000.

In 2017, Walter tweeted about the strange coincidence herself, pointing out how weird the date is. "Even weirder? I have identical twins born two years after we made this movie—born on October 11," she wrote.

Twins Simon and Spencer are two of Walter's four children, along with daughter Delia and son Jordan.

While the real-life coincidence might not be groundbreaking news, it still amazed fans who took to the video's comments.

"Target audience reached. I needed this info," wrote one viewer.

"If she didn't name them Hallie and Annie, I'm going to be so disappointed," added another.

A lot of viewers however, pointed out how similar TikToker Murphy actually looks and sounds like Walter.

"I thought you were going to say she's your mom cause you look alike," commented one user.

"You actually sound like her and also look like her," wrote another.

Lisa Ann Walter and Lindsay Lohan
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