Parents' List of Rules for Visiting Newborn Sparks Outrage

A woman has taken to Reddit to share a list of rules that she and her husband sent to friends and family about visiting their newborn—and the internet is outraged.

Posting on the discussion-based site on January 27, the 34-year-old explained that she gave birth to her son on Christmas Day but back "in October sent it out to everyone."

The Redditor then went on to detail some of the items on the list which include being up to date on all vaccines and "letting us know a week before" the visit.

The couple also asked for "no smokers" as well as "no phone calls or visits between 7:30pm-10pm."

Under the strict rules, visitors are only permitted to stay an hour and are not allowed to pick up the baby "without consent," give advice or, rather bafflingly, wear perfume or deodorant.

The list also states that "no is no we won't explain why" and guest cannot take photos or post images to social media.

There is a material element to the demands with the couple insisting those close to them visiting for the first time are expected to bring a gift card for the mother as well as the baby.

Additionally, the list adds: "Before you ever come no matter how many times you will be give[n] a list of [...] food or groceries to bring with you AND a chore for a list of your choosing."

The woman then went on to explain that her 20-year-old sister-in-law could not afford a gift despite wanting to visit the baby.

Although the young "broke" student offered to do extra chores and even "clean the whole house" they decided to turn her down because otherwise "everyone would want the same treatment."

She then revealed that this move has resulted in a barrage of messages from extended family accusing them of using the child as a "cash and grab."

Irrespective of the list's demands having a child in the U.S. is not a cheap endeavor.

According to a recent report from the Department of Agriculture, on average a middle-income family spends between $12,000 and $14,000 a year on expenses relating to their children.

Additionally, the price of giving birth is also costly with a straight-forward vaginal delivery, according to data collected by FAIR Health, setting you back between $5,000 to $11,000 in most states.

The post has garnered lots of attention online with nearly 10,000 upvotes and more than 6,200 comments with the majority of people voicing their outrage.

One Reddit user, ToPiggyback, wrote: "Your rules went from 0 to 60. Like smoking and vaccines, yeah. But gift cards and chores? The entitlement is strong with this one."

Another person, Sheramom4, added: "Yes, you are using your child as a cash grab. NO ONE is obligated to buy you gifts or takeout. Or groceries.

"It seems like your friends and family are realizing that you don't want them to actually bond with the baby or visit because they are family. You just want things. Oh and your house cleaned."

Scubadancintouchdown explained: "What kind of greedy people are you guys? I thought you were going to say that you weren't making exceptions on visits before the baby is healthy enough or something. You're charging people to see your baby? That's so weird."

Pixiep48 typed: "Lol 'no one deserves special treatment' says couple demanding that family and friends bring gifts for mother and baby, buy their groceries/takeout and clean their house as a requirement to visit."

Sortaangrypeanut mused: "The fact that SIL [sister-in-law] was willing to submit to those rules if only she could afford it, like she was willing to ignore the insanity of those rules and offer to clean their entire house because she wanted to see the baby so badly.

"The heartlessness of OP [original poster] and husband to say no to that because that means other people wouldn't spend $80 on a visit. Gosh. Edit: a broke college student, nonetheless. Only probably 18-24 years old."

Couple with baby
A stock image of a young family. One Redditor's demands for people visiting her newborn has shocked many online. iStock

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