Parent's Support of 19-Year-Old Daughter Turning Down Job Because of Low Wages Goes Viral

Posting to Reddit's "Anti Work" forum on Sunday under the username u/soil_witch, a mother shared that she was proud of her 19-year-old daughter for turning down a job because it did not pay a living wage.

The now-viral post has racked up more than 39,000 votes and over 1,300 comments.

In the post's title, the mother wrote: "She [their daughter] was offered $9/hr at a second interview today and declined, telling them she couldn't feed herself with that.

"She told me she was polite about it, which she always is, but I was still a bit taken back initially that she would say this directly to the shop owner. It was somewhere she really wanted to work and has been going to since she was a kid," the mom continued in the body of the post.

During the interview, the employer allegedly acknowledged that the pay "wasn't a living wage," and apologized that they couldn't offer more.

The mother admitted to being both shocked by and in awe of her daughter's confidence.

"I'm 41 and when I was her age I would've taken any s*** pay they offered me just for the experience and so I could work at my favorite shop. And I would've been grateful for the opportunity for them to take full advantage of me," she explained.

"I would've never had the confidence to stand up to an older adult in a position of power like that. I told her I was so proud of her for knowing her worth and not accepting anything less."

She also shared that their daughter is already employed and makes about $10.50 an hour, with other prospects lined up.

In response to a few negative commenters who felt the teenager should have accepted the position, the mother said: "... her having standards and not needing to take a pay cut right now isn't entitled. She's very privileged in life and she is aware of this and tries her best to make decisions from this basis. There is no way to ascertain from the information I've provided what her life is like and how much she needs to cover the costs of living."

Statista defined "cost of living" as the "amount of money needed to pay for the basic common expenses required to maintain a certain lifestyle." Of course, some cities are more expensive to live in than others and require larger salaries as a result.

For example, Statista found that in 2019, the average income needed for a renter to live comfortably in New York City was $128,552. In San Antonio, Texas, however, a renter needed an annual salary of $77,871 to live comfortably.

Data from Statista also revealed that in 2020, the average consumer unit in the U.S. spent $21,409 on housing, $9,826 on transportation and $7,316 on food.

Understanding these costs are different for everyone and need to be considered when accepting a job, commenters also expressed pride in the Redditor's daughter for having the confidence to do what she needed to do to support herself.

"She is so brave! Tell her we are all so proud of her," said u/crassbass42.

"Single-digit per hour pay is a f***ing insult literally anywhere in the country. Good on her," commented u/Ayroplanen.

"You should be proud! If I would've known better at 19 to not take $9/hr I would've avoided some of the worst places I've ever worked at," wrote u/YMCApoolboy.

"I'm 38. I feel this. I'm really proud of Gen Z for standing up to the BS that most of us were fed from birth," added ublakeinatx.

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Posting to Reddit’s “Anti Work” forum on Sunday under the username u/soil_witch, a mother shared that she was proud of her 19-year-old daughter for turning down a job because it couldn’t pay a living wage. fizkes/istock