The Issue: Paris Attacks and the Worsening War against Radical Islam

In this week's issue of Newsweek Europe correspondent Bill Powell writes why the Paris attacks felt painfully inevitable and how difficult it's going to be for governments to prevent such future attacks.

In many ways, Powell writes, the war against radical Islam is worsening and it's going to be hard to see an end to their war coming anytime soon.

Paris will also be the sight of another pivotal event later this month when delegates from countries from around the world meet to try and strike a deal over climate change. The consequences of their failing to reach an agreement could be devastating floods and catastrophic droughts, according to experts.

In our Downtime section this week our new travel editor Graham Boynton travels to a remarkable hotel in India that used to be home to the richest man in the world, Sir Mir Osman Ali Khan Asaf Jah VII, the seventh and last Nizam of the Princely State of Hyderabad.

All this and more in the new issue of Newsweek Europe.

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