Parent of Parkland School Shooting Victim Stages Protest on Crane Near White House

The father of a student who was killed during the 2018 school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, has scaled a construction crane in Washington as part of a protest.

The father has been identified as Manuel Oliver, whose son, Joaquin Oliver, during the shooting at the Florida school, according to a Fox 13 report. He was 17 years old.

Joaquin's mother, Patricia Oliver, spoke with Fox reporter Bob Barnard and said her husband was demanding immediate gun control action from President Joe Biden. This comes on the fourth anniversary of the 2018 shooting.

Barnard also said that police had surrounded the crane as he posted images on his Twitter page.

"On this 4th anniversary of the Parkland shooting, Manuel Oliver whose son Joaquin was killed at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida is on top of a construction crane a block from the White House surrounded by police," Barnard wrote in a tweet.

Manuel Oliver also posted a video to his Twitter page from atop the crane and captioned the video "Happy valentines."

In the video, Oliver speaks to the camera but is inaudible during parts due to the strong winds. He can be heard saying he had asked for an important meeting with President Joe Biden but never got that meeting.

He also said he was aware of the police presence on the street level at the base of the crane.

President Joe Biden has said his administration stands with the advocates working to end gun violence, in a statement obtained by Associated Press ahead of Monday's anniversary of the 2018 shooting.

"Out of the heartbreak of Parkland a new generation of Americans all across the country marches for our lives and towards a better, safer America for us all," Biden said in the statement.

"Together, this extraordinary movement is making sure that the voices of victims and survivors and responsible gun owners are louder than the voices of gun manufacturers and the National Rifle Association."

In October 2021, the school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, pleaded guilty to committing the shooting, which saw 17 people killed and another 17 injured.

The penalty phase in the case has been moved to April after initially being slated to begin on February 21.

Newsweek reported on this development and noted that Cruz's defense may look to present a case during the penalty trial phase in which his mental health was a factor in the shooting.

In addition to hearing from expert witnesses and other witnesses, the jury will also see evidence, including Cruz's Instagram account, during the penalty trial phase.

Cruz's Instagram would have been used during a trial to determine his guilt or innocence had he not pleaded guilty. The 12 members of the jury will decide whether Cruz gets the death penalty or life in prison.

Manuel Oliver
Manuel Oliver posted a video to his Twitter page of him atop a crane in Washington. Oliver's son, Joaquin Oliver, died during a 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida at age 17. Manuel Oliver