Parrot Hilariously Asks Alexa to Add Pulled Pork to Shopping List

A clever parrot has worked out how to chat to Alexa, using the electronic assistant to add items to the shopping list and control the lights.

The African grey Congo parrot, named Max, has a wide vocabulary, which includes being able to command the Amazon gadget.

The parrot's owner has been sharing the bird's hilarious conversations to their TikTok and Instagram accounts, @maxtheafricangrey2000, posting under the name Max Franklin.

One clip, shared last week, has racked up a whopping 7.5 million views alone, and shows the parrot—in a distinctly human-sounding voice—saying "Alexa." In the background, the distinctive sound of the assistant being activated can be heard.

The 21-year-old parrot then proceeds to add some food to the weekly shop, as Max goes "add pulled pork." In comical scenes, the device then replies to the bird, saying: "You already have pulled pork on your shopping list."

This likely explains where Max originally picked up the phrase, after hearing their owner, thought to live in Buffalo, New York, popping it on the grocery list. The video subtitles for the brilliant exchange simply say: "Alexa add pulled pork to my shopping list hahahaha."

But it's not just food Max asks Alexa about, as the bird cleverly uses the gadget to turn lights on. Another clip captures the bird, which has a lifespan of roughly 60 years according to World Animal Protection, requesting a change in the lightning, as the bulb flicks on above their cage.

While separate clips reveal Max has also figured out how to use Alexa to turn on the radio, showing the bird requesting songs, including rap music, sometimes in the early hours.

"Telling Alexa to play 97 Rock and calling my dog brothers to listen," the owner captions another video, as Alexa replies to Max, saying: "Here's a station you might like, classic rock, from Amazon music."

Grey parrots have been known to learn around 100 words, demonstrated by one of the most famous of the species, Alex, who passed away in 2007, according to The New York Times.

As well as words, perceptive Max was also caught on camera mimicking coughing, after its owner caught a cold. "My human has a cold and I think I do too! " they captioned the clip.

Numerous people have commented on Max's skills and vocabulary in the viral video, with Nicholette_odenbach asking: "Are you kidding me."

Joanmarie723 thought: "Wow he is good at mimicking."

"He knew what he was doing," Mo reckoned.

Casey Nelson thought: "Devious little bird"

And It's Me Valerie 2020 added: "That is amazing. Animals are highly intelligent."

Newsweek reached out to Max Franklin for comment.

File photo of a grey parrot.
File photo of a grey parrot. An owner captured their pet bird trying to add food to the shopping list via Alexa. Michelle Mahlke-Sloniecki/Getty Images