Parrot Rescued With Birth Defect Walks for First Time in Heartwarming Video

A parrot who was born with a birth defect has taken his first tentative steps as an adult, having been nursed to full health by a pair of dedicated animal lovers.

Powerful footage of the beautiful, turquoise colored bird walking for the first time was shared to TikTok by Yassin Elmahgoub, where it drew a strong response, amassing over 4.6 million views.

While caring for any animal comes with a certain amount of responsibility, it can prove a nurturing experience for everyone involved. In a 1999 study of school children conducted in Croatia, for example, researchers found that kids who owned pets were more empathetic than those who did not.

But the benefits of caring for an animal do not end in adolescence, as the video shared to social media by Elmahgoub demonstrates.

The tear-jerking video, which you can watch here, was captioned: "This is the best thing that happened to me in a while. All it takes is one person to save a life. @Sara Haytham couldn't do it without u."


This is the best thing that happened to me in a while. All it takes is one person to save a life. @Sara Haytham couldn’t do it without u #fyp #hope #rescue #bird #positivity #medicine #medicalstudent #arabs #egypt #cairo #viral

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Elmahgoub who, according to his TikTok bio, is a medical student based in Cairo, Egypt, shared footage of the parrot as a hairless chick, explaining that the bird was born with a "birth defect" that meant he was unable to either stand or walk.

In normal circumstances, the young parrot would have likely perished but Elmahgoub along with help from his friend and fellow animal enthusiast Sara Haytham decided to intervene.

As the video shows, over the next few weeks and months, they began to nurse the young bird through infancy. "I bottle fed him and started his treatment," Elmahgoub explained in a caption accompanying the clip.

Over time, the parrot's beautiful plumage began to develop, while his carers undertook "days and hours of support and physiotherapy" to help him gain greater independence.

Finally, for the first time, the young parrot was able to walk on his own two legs, with the triumphant breakthrough captured on camera. It proved an emotional moment for Elmahgoub, who had clearly poured his heart and soul into nursing the bird through many difficult months.

Jumping around the room in delight, he then proceeded to pick the parrot up, holding him close in a warm embrace that left many watching online feeling understandably tearful.

One viewer admitted they "started crying" when they saw his reaction, with another agreeing, adding that what he did for the parrot was "absolutely amazing."

"Thank you so much for taking care of it," a third commenter wrote, with a fourth adding: "this is pure joy."

"When you kissed him I started bawling," another TikToker confessed. "That's a special connection, that's real love and happiness."

One person wrote: "GO LITTLE BABY GO I genuinely teared up for the little champion!!" while another said they were "so proud of the lil dude."

Newsweek has contacted Elmahgoub and Haytham for comment.

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A parrot walking on grass.
Stock image of a parrot walking - a video showing a disabled rescue parrot's first steps has been melting hearts online. Getty/Denja1