Partner Slammed After 'Forbidding' Husband to Go on Roadtrip With Siblings

In a post going viral on social media, a partner has been ripped after "forbidding" their husband to go on a concert roadtrip with his siblings.

Published on Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole forum, a partner under the anonymous username u/Few-Yogurtcloset8212 shared their story to get the opinions of the "AITA" followers. The popular post has over 4,000 upvotes and 3,000 comments.

The original poster (OP) began their story by explaining that their husband, "Tom," and his siblings, "Maggie" and "Daniel," have been big fans of a particular rock band since they were teenagers. They would go to several shows around the country to see as many concerts as possible before the oldest brother, Daniel, went to boot camp.

Partner slammed "forbidding" husband to roadtrip
Above, friends on a roadtrip. In a viral post on Reddit, a partner has been slammed after "forbidding" their husband to go on a concert roadtrip with his siblings. Zoran Zeremski/iStock / Getty Images Plus

"Daniel married a well-off man when he got out and basically does nothing all day now except tidy house and help his partner's parents and aunts whenever they need it," the OP explained, "My understanding is a few years ago this band was breaking up and doing a farewell tour. They were doing a show on Daniel's birthday in another country and his partner's present to him was going to be to fly him, his siblings, and their brother-in-law to that country to see the concert. Maggie wound up sick in the hospital so none of them went because they didn't want to go without her."

Fortunately for them, one of the band members went solo and was planning to tour in the future. Daniel and his partner told Tom and Maggie that they would be paying for everything. They planned on attending four shows and traveling in an RV and the trip would last two weeks.

The OP explained where the conflict began, "Tom told me all about the plan and I told him absolutely not. Now their brother-in-law and I are also invited but I live in the real world. Grown a** adults are too old to be acting like teenage groupies. Tom offered that we just go for a week instead. I still told him no. He has a wife now and we have responsibilities at home and to each other."

"If we were going to take a 1 or 2 week vacation it should be by ourselves doing something we both like. What exactly did he expect me to do on the nights of the concerts? I tried listening to the music but its not for me. He's not dropping this and keeps trying to compromise. I vented to my parents about it and surprisingly they agree with Tom and think we should go," they concluded.

Newsweek reached out to u/Few-Yogurtcloset8212 for comment.

Newsweek has published several articles regarding conflict between couples including a woman who was slammed for suggesting her partner go no-contact with their young son, a man left the internet stunned after he told his wife she was "incapable of being a mom," and a woman was backed for calling her husband a "selfish brat" over tea.

How to compromise in a relationship

Do you find yourself in a similar situation where you can't seem to compromise with your partner? According to Brides magazine, here are some of the ways to compromise in your relationship:

  • Clearly communicate your needs: Using "I" in confronting your partner with your feelings and telling them exactly what you want and why.
  • Without interrupting, listen to your partner: Allow your partner to explain their side of the story and don't dismiss their opinions and thoughts.
  • Look at all of your options: You and your partner have more than two choices in your possible disagreement; try to find other options that fit both of your needs.
  • Look at your predicament from your partner's point of view: Apart from your opinion, try to understand where your partner is coming from and what they would be potentially sacrificing.
  • Consider what is fair: One partner cannot make all the decisions, as a relationship is a two-way street. Try to work with your partner to find a middle ground.
  • When you and your partner make a decision, stick with it: After considering all options, you and your partner must sit down and make a decision and stick with it.

Redditor reactions

"[You're the a**hole]. You are criticizing your husband's interests as childish. You admit this won't in any way affect your finances OR your ability to take another vacation together because Daniel and his partner are paying for everything, even living expenses if your husband will be impacted by taking this time off. You have no cards to play here except ones that make you look petty and selfish," u/NorthernLitUp wrote, receiving the top comment of over 20,000 upvotes.

U/thewhiterosequeen said, "[You're the a**hole]. Costs aren't an issue and you don't list having kids being an issue. It sounds like a great bonding experience after one of your husband's siblings was hospitalized."

U/Riley_Coyote questioned, "[You're the a**hole]. I was expecting there to be a newborn baby in the picture. There's not, so why are you being so controlling?"

"[You're the a**hole] Adults are allowed to have fun and this is something your husband and his siblings want to do. Your real objection seems to be that you don't like the music and it won't be fun for you. You don't want to let him have this experience with his siblings because you don't want to do it and you don't want him to go without you. Your husband has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a great memory with his siblings. Don't deprive him of it," u/miyuki_m commented.