'Party of Five' Reboot Cast: Who Stars in the New Freeform Series?

Twenty years after its last episode aired on Fox, Party of Five is coming back for a reboot, starting on Wednesday, January 8 on Freeform (though the pilot is available to watch online now on the Freeform website and Hulu). Whereas the original series told the story of the Salingers, a Caucasian family, the new series is focused on the Acostas, a Latinx family trying to make it work in America after their parents are deported back to Mexico.

Emilio Acosta - Brandon Larracuente

party of five cast
Brandon Larracuente as Emilio Acosta in "Party of Five" Freeform

The oldest of the Acosta children, Emilio, is a 24-year-old aspiring musician and DACA recipient forced to take charge of the family after their parents' deportation, despite being in many ways the least mature member of the family. The character is modelled on Charlie Salinger, the character played by Matthew Fox in the original series.

Prior to the deportation, he had been a little separated from his family, as Party of Five showrunner Michael Zebede told Slashfilm: "The role of family in Latin culture is so much stronger that, for example, the idea that Emilio would be estranged, be living in Los Angeles but not participating in family dinners, has more meaning and more impact."

The character in the 2020 version is played by Brandon Larracuente, last seen on TV in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why and Bloodline.

Beto Acosta - Niko Guardado

party of five reboot cast freeform
Niko Guardado as Beto Acosta in "Party of Five" Freeform

The Scott Wolf character from the original, Bailey Salinger, has become Beto, the most Americanized member of the family, who is so adapted to life in the U.S. that he is unable to speak Spanish.

The actor who portrays the character, Niko Guardado of The Goldbergs fame, mirrors his character as the only non-Spanish speaker of the main four cast members. Talking about this to Reality TV World, the actor said, "My grandparents came to America and they were like, 'We're in America now. We speak English.' [They] were bullied at a young age if they spoke Spanish and looked down upon so that's the side of culture that my grandparents knew."

Lucia Acosta - Emily Tosta

party of five reboot stars
Emily Tosta as Lucia Acosta Freeform

The oldest girl of the Acosta family (based on Neve Campbell's Julia Salinger) is Lucia, the good girl gone bad, as brought to life by Emily Tosta of Mayans M.C.

She said to People CHICA of her character: "She always played by the rules until her parents got deported, and that changed her so much. That changed her perspective toward life. It changed the way that she viewed the people around her, the way that she saw school and her surroundings and her environment, and she developed this anger toward the world."

Valentina Acosta - Elle Paris Legaspi

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Elle Paris Legaspi as Valentina Acosta Freeform

The second-youngest of the Acosta siblings (who also include the newborn Rafael) is played by Elle Paris Legaspi, a character based on Lacey Chabert's Claudia Salinger. Legaspi has appeared on a number of TV shows including Vida, Animal Kingdom and On My Block.

Also starring in the show are Bruno Bichir, of the illustrious Bichir acting dynasty, and Chilean actress Fernanda Urrejola playing the family's parents Javier and Gloria, who according to original Party of Five creator Amy Lippman, "are absolutely a presence in the show…they will return in some form, not to the United States but they'll be present in the show."

Supporting roles are provided by Sol Rodriguez of Grachi as babysitter Natalia and Elizabeth Grullon as activist Sully.

Party of Five airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.