Two Passenger Planes 'Race' Mid-Air in Viral Video

A clip of a pair of planes "racing" each other to touch down on parallel landing strips is going viral online.

Passenger TahoeMatt shared a video to TikTok from his window-aisle seat, as his United flight comes in to land opposite an American Airlines plane.

Matt captioned the clip: "When your trip home turns into a race."

He put a popular sound recording over the top, which says: "Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. If you look to the right side of the aircraft you will notice flight 198 challenging us to a race. I've turned the fasten seatbelt sign back on because s*** is about to get real."

The clip, which Matt captioned "this just happened", has amassed more than 15 million views.

While the sound was added onto the clip by Matt, the incredible double landing has been met with equal parts fear and amazement online.

The aviation spectacle takes place at San Francisco International Airport, with an avid flyer pointing out the planes use two sets of intersecting parallel runways 28L and 28R, and 1R and 1L.

The landing strips are separated by only 750 feet, with tandem departures and landings a regular occurrence.

Responding to the clip, Katelyn wrote: "As a passenger I would be both excited and terrified."

TikTok Nobody said: "The coolest parallel landing ever"

NB1 thought: "Fast and Furious in the air."

Bianca M added: "Fasten your seatbelts guys and race for your life."

Akram joked: "Me as a passenger: Go pilot go we can win this."

Sue Holdener admitted: "I was really on the edge of my seat."

Anita M Wells said: "And when they all land, they all clap because they just survived "Fast and Furious: Aircraft edition."

Sandra Pederson commented: "I probably would have had a heart attack."

Aviaitina fan DeeDaa24 noted: "Landing at SFO parallel runways coming in across the ocean."

And Reese Teacher joked: "Now I'm just waiting for the video from the other plane."

Matt later shared another clip showing the landing, with another hilarious racing-themed voiceover.

He wrote in the clip: "Wait for it. They land first, but, wait it's not over yet. It's the first one to cross the finish line. Please go faster captain. That's it, almost there, boom, photo finish."

Matt later clarified who "won" the race: "Well they touched down first - but we didn't brake as hard so we ended up passing them."

 American Airlines Boeing taking off
American Airlines Boeing 787-9 takes off from Los Angeles international Airport on January 13, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. A clip of two planes 'racing' as they land is going viral. Getty Images/AaronP/Bauer-Griffin