Pastor Greg Locke Says Only 'Crack-Smoking' Leftists Believe Joe Biden Won Election

Controversial Tennessee pastor Greg Locke again insisted President Joe Biden was not legitimately elected, and claimed only "crack-smoking" leftists would think he beat Donald Trump to the White House.

On Sunday, the Global Vision Bible Church pastor took aim at the president and pushed the claim still being pursued by conservative figures across the country that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

It is a claim that is not supported by recent audits that did not find enough votes to overturn the election results in Arizona.

During the fiery sermon in Juliet, Pastor Locke also doubled down on comments he made the week before that he believes the Delta variant is "nonsense," despite surging cases in Tennessee.

Looking straight into the camera, Locke said: "I am not apologizing for what I said on this platform last week. The Delta variant was nonsense then, it is nonsense now.

"You will not wear masks in this church. You will not wear masks in this church. I'm telling you right now: 'Do not get vaccinated. Do not get vaccinated.'"

He continued: "I don't care what you think about me. I don't need your money. I don't need your hand clap. I don't need more people on social media to follow me. I ain't following along with it.

"Joe Biden's days are numbered. I said they're numbered. I've told you the whole time: 'This election was fraudulent.' We got so much proof, the only people that can deny it are crack-smoking, demon-possessed leftists."

Pastor Locke was met with applause from the audience as he darted across the stage while delivering his sermon.

A clip of the sermon, shared by the Twitter account Right Wing Watch, has since been viewed more than 1.1 million times since it was uploaded on Sunday.

Just a normal Sunday at Global Vision Bible Church as right-wing pastor Greg Locke literally screams at his congregation "do not get vaccinated" while saying that only "crack-smoking, demon-possessed leftists" think Biden is the legitimate president.

— Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) August 1, 2021

Pastor Locke also railed against the January 6 commission that will investigate the causes that led up to the riot at the Capitol.

He said: "I think they (the commission) have forgotten the theology of redneckism in America. If we wanted an insurrection you wouldn't be able to stop us if we had one.

"That was not a insurrection. That was not a insurrection. That was a peaceful protest [with] Nancy Pelosi telling the Capitol Police to stand down and freely let people come inside the Capitol building."

Pastor Locke later added: "What they oughta do is arrest her for the rest of her life. Try that wicked Jezebel for treason."

However, the claim that Pelosi would tell the police to stand down is false.

While the Capitol Police budget is approved by the House and Senate, she is not in control of officer assignments.

Newsweek has contacted the Global Vision Bible Church for comment.

Greg Locke railed against the president
Pastor Greg Locke railed against the president during his sermon on Sunday. Global Vision Bible Church