'Path of Exile' Legion Expansion Allows Players to Fight 5 Ancient Legions With Reworked Melee Combat

The latest Path of Exile expansion, Legion, has just been announced. Players will get the chance to battle five armies from the dungeon crawler's past and enjoy an overhaul to melee combat. This League will give both veteran and new players something to tinker around with and plenty of fun to be had.

Five Ancient Legions

When players enter the Monolith that sits in the center of the new content league for Legion , they will be transported to the Domain of Timeless Conflict. Once there, they'll have a set amount of time to attack as many enemies as possible. Enemies are frozen until the timer runs out, then every enemy players tag will spring to life and attack them. This gives them the chance to strategize: ry to summon as many enemies as possible and risk being overwhelmed or pick and choose which enemies to bash?

path of exile legion five armies
The new army units you'll get to fight Grinding Gear Games

Some of these monsters will drop Splinters when killed, with each army getting it's own corresponding Splinter. Gathering 50 of these together into an Emblem willsummon an army via the Map device. Players need between two and five Emblems to activate the new content and it could take days to earn all those Splinters.

There are also 12 new unique items that come with a set of abilities already attached. Aukuna's Will can summon zombies without corpses and makes your zombies count as corpses. Voll's Protector is an older item that got a Legion upgrade, making it useful to players who want to build tanky.

aukuna's will Path of Exile new items
Aukuna's Will is a new item coming in Legion Grinding Gear Games

New Combat, Updated Tutorial

Path of Exile is receiving a major combat overhaul in an attempt to make the game feel less "clunky." Attack animations can be canceled, movement skills activate immediately and melee attacks hit multiple different enemies.

Since the Path of Exile was released in 2013, the developers have continued to pile on new content while neglecting some of the earlier stuff. The tutorial has gone through multiple different incarnations throughout its lifetime. The bosses were super difficult and needed to be attacked in the right pattern, making it difficult for new players to learn the skills. An overhaul was applied, making these bosses much easier to kill. As the years went by, these bosses started to break down with multiple abilities that just stopped working.

With Legion , the PoE developers have decided to go back and make those early game bosses difficult again. Each player now gets access to a mobility ability very early on in the game, allowing them to dodge and weave incoming attacks. This will hopefully make the early game feel a little more rewarding and pull more players into the video game that's consistently growing year over year.

The long-awaited 4.0.0 Path of Exile update will be announced at ExileCon, a new convention dedicated to the game On November 16 and 17.

Path of Exile Legion launches on June 7 on PC.

'Path of Exile' Legion Expansion Allows Players to Fight 5 Ancient Legions With Reworked Melee Combat | Gaming