‘Path of Exile’ 3.6 Synthesis Release Time: When Can you Jump Inside the Memory Vault?

The latest Path of Exile expansion Synthesis will be launching on March 8 on PC and March 11 on Xbox. If you've been grinding in the free-to-play dungeon crawler and have been looking for something new to whet your grinding appetite.

Here are the patch notes for Patch of Exile Synthesis.

Path of Exile: Synthesis Release Time

There's currently a counter on the main home page for the Path of Exile website, counting down to the PC launch of the game. If all goes according to plan, and the developers don't experience any unforeseen hiccups, then the expansion should release at 3 p.m. on March 8 for PC and 3 p.m. March 11 for Xbox.

What is Path of Exile: Synthesis?

The 3.6 expansion for Path of Exile brings players new skills, loot and story centered around Cavas. He is a spirit that holds important memories inside his spectral mind and it's up to the player to reach inside and pull them out. These “Memory Zones” contain new Synthesis enemies, and the edges of the map crumble as you move further into Cavas' mind. You have to dispose of these enemies quickly or face the wrath of death inside the prison of the mind.

Once you complete the first few memory missions, you'll unlock access to the the Memory Nexus where you can use the memory fragments you've earned from killing Synthesis enemies to unlock new areas and missions to complete. Tying fragments together, like a puzzle map, allows you to travel through these zones, fighting larger bosses and getting rarer loot. Some tiles will contain challenges or bonuses that increase the amount of loot you can unlock.

Three Fractured items will now be able to be “synthesized” together inside the memory vault, earning you extra lives or other bonuses that can help you out on your adventure.

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