Patrons at Crowded Restaurant Chant 'Get Out' at COVID Health Inspectors

This weekend, guests at the packed Vancouver restaurant Corduroy greeted health inspectors by chanting, "Get out!"

A video posted to Reddit captured the alarming scene, which directly counters British Columbia's current COVID-19 safety guidelines.

In the video, which seems to have been filmed by a restaurant patron, two health inspectors appear to speak with the restaurant's owner. Aside from the two inspectors, no one inside of the establishment wears a mask or face covering.

The owner of the restaurant—later identified as Rebecca Matthews—expresses skepticism towards the inspectors, asking them, "Who do you work for?"

"You see the signs on the door there," she continues. "You understand what you're doing here? You're trespassing on my private property."

One inspector tells her he disagrees.

"You don't agree. Okay," she says.

Suddenly, the sound of chants drowns out the conversation.

"Get out! Get out! Get out!" the patrons yell in unison, their voices increasing in volume and speed.

The health inspectors leave, and the entire restaurant erupts in cheers and claps.

Meanwhile, the person filming the video begins to narrate the jubilant scene. "I just walked in and the Coastal Health Inspectors walked in right behind me," she says.

Taking the camera outside, viewers can see the signs Matthews had placed in Corduroy's windows—the most striking of which is a red sign that says, "NO TRESPASS."

The camera points towards a masked individual standing on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. "Maybe a snitch right there," says the narrator, suggesting they may have been the person who reported the restaurant to authorities.

Back inside the restaurant, patrons appear ecstatic. "Just trying to make a living ... here in Vancouver," the narrator continues, referring to Matthews, "and it's just insane what's happening here."

According to CTV News, health inspectors were sent to Corduroy after several complaints were made about the restaurant's practices. Indoor dining is currently banned in British Columbia, but Corduroy allegedly served customers Friday and Saturday. Since then, a full closure has been ordered on the restaurant.

According to Corduroy's Instagram account, however, the restaurant does not plan on staying closed for long.

"What a roller coaster the last two days... we appreciate all the support," reads the caption of a picture posted Sunday.

"We have sold out of food and decided to close tonight and tomorrow to celebrate Easter with our little fam," they write. "Back open Tuesday at 4pm!"

It is unclear whether or not Corduroy plans on implementing the COVID-19 safety measures required by their province.

Restaurant Closed Sign
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the restaurant industry globally. Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

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