Patti LaBelle, with Hot Sauce

Patti LaBelle is a "coach" on "Clash of the Choirs," a reality show where celebrities assemble their own choirs and viewers pick the best one. (This is why the writers' strike must end.) She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.

Where are you?
I'm in Philly.

So it's cold.
Uh-huh. I love it like this.

You do?
I love snow. I love rain. I love dark days. I don't like sun. I don't like water or sand.

You must love snow because you look good in a coat.
I like my coats. I don't want PETA to get mad at me, but I love chinchilla. It's so soft. I love cashmere. They get mad at a little girl like me. But you know I work for it. When they start buying me coats is when I start listening to them.

What's your new show like?
It's got five celebrity hosts and 20 people from our city—mine is Philadelphia. The first day all five choirs sing.

And one is voted out?
It lasts for four days.

That's not very long.
It doesn't take long to hear if somebody can sing.

Are you like Paula Abdul?
Actually, a long time ago, I was asked to do Paula's job on the show. I said no because I didn't want to be someone giving bad news by saying you didn't make it. That was the hardest thing for me on this show. But I did tell them, because Patti LaBelle said no, it doesn't mean it's the end. Jennifer Hudson was told no, and she has an Oscar.

Do you regret not doing "Idol"?
Heck, no.

You have your own line of hot sauces?
It's hot sauces, relishes, jalapeño dip. I'm coming out with Patti pots, Patti pans, Patti sheets. I'm going to be the black Martha Stewart.

Are you going to jail, too?
I don't think I could hang in jail.

Is it true that you love hot sauce so much, you carry jars in your purse?
And now with flying you have to have those three-ounce bottles. Some nights I don't have the time to change it into a little plastic bottle. So we ship it.

Does it ever spill in your purse?
Do you know the Louis Vuitton beige bag with the white lining? I got to the city and hot sauce spilled in the bottom. Ghetto Patti and her Ghetto Louis Vuitton white bag with hot sauce.

Did it wash out?
You can't wash it out. I got a new one.

It's good to be Patti LaBelle.
Sometimes. Let me stop that. All the time, it's good for me. I'm a blessed woman.

Do you always take your shoes off when you're performing?
I kick them off, if I can get them off. You know, if they're strap-ons, you can't get the suckers off.

Don't you want the shoes back?
I never kick them to the audience. Are you out of your mind?

What if they fall?
If they fall, honey, I stop the show. I say, give me my shoe back. They're Guccis. I didn't come to give them away.