Paul Martin

On September 11, 2001, Karen Ann Martin, the head flight attendant of American Airlines Flight 11, perished when her plane collided with the World Trade Center's North Tower. But it wasn't until this year that the New York City medical examiner identified some of her remains. Karen's younger brother, Paul, spoke with Julie Scelfo.

In October. They contacted my older brother. He was kind of shocked. We, all of us [Karen had three siblings], never thought we'd have any remains for her. We had a memorial when it first happened. Then we had a funeral in October 2001, when we buried an urn with rubble from Ground Zero.

It was always like something was missing. Some people in my family never got to mourn her death.

The remains are a lower leg and a foot. At first that was kind of hard to hear. But it was also a relief, because we knew we could finally bring her home. What are your plans?

We had her remains cremated, and she actually arrived today [Dec. 13, 2006]. We plan to bury her where we put her gravestone--in the Massachusetts family plot with my mother, father and WTC rubble.