Paul Ryan's 'Ignorance Will Live in Infamy Forever,' Fox Business Network Host Lou Dobbs Says

GOP Strategist Ed Rollins said Thursday that former Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan should "go away" during Fox Business Network Host Lou Dobbs' show, in which Dobbs said Ryan cost his party and that his "ignorance will live in infamy."

With Rollins on the program, Dobbs showed a brief video clip of Ryan leaving the White House — not wearing a suit and tie, yet sporting a beard in his recent retirement.

"I'm watching the pictures of Paul Ryan stepping out. He looks like he's going duck hunting, for God's sake at the White House," Dobbs said.

Dobbs then asked Rollins how he felt about Ryan being at the White House, and if there were any underlying issues there.

"I certainly want to know who he was meeting with," said Rollins, who was the national campaign director for then-president Ronald Reagan from 1983-84. "His outfit today reminded me of after Al Gore lost, when they grew a beard and disappeared for about six or eight months. And I think he needs to go away."

Dobbs interjected by saying Ryan betrayed President Donald Trump the last two years, which led to a vast turnover in House seats, and eventually control of the House of Representatives.

"This man betrayed this president in every way," Dobbs said. "He lied, he cheated the president out of what should have been easy victories, victories and support of his pledges to the American people. And that one man refused to issue subpoenas, refused to back up the president. His ignorance will live in infamy forever. He has an assured place in the darkest pages of our history."

Rollins said the former Speaker not only cost the House, but took the Republican party "over the cliff."

"He took his party over the cliff," Rollins said. They "lost 40 seats, a gigantic amount."

Dobbs ended the segment by calling Ryan a " fraud in every way."

Ryan, the 49-year-old retired congressman from Wisconsin, has been relatively quiet since the Democrats took back the House of Representatives in the November election. Ryan's tenure in Washington as an elected official ended last month, and the reason for his meeting Thursday at the White House is unknown.