Here's Where You Can Get the Pabst Blue Ribbon THC Seltzer

There's a new product under the Pabst Blue Ribbon label that's sure to be a hit with young audiences who are fans of the inexpensive beer: a THC-infused seltzer. Unfortunately for weed enthusiasts, the beverage is only available in California at this time.

The lemon-and-cannabis-infused seltzer is a new development from Pabst Labs, a separate company from PBR which was started by former PBR employees looking to experiment with different types of products.

Currently, the new drink is being sold in various California dispensaries that Pabst has partnered with, and those stores can be found via a locator on the Pabst Labs site. The beverage can also be ordered online for local residents who are of age to buy cannabis.

Due to regulations, the company is only selling the seltzers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Humboldt County. It's also available for purchase on the Pabst Labs website. Currently, 24-packs of cans (which cost $120 before taxes) are sold out, but four-packs (which cost $24) are still available.

If you're looking to buy the beverage, its best to act fast, because they've been selling like weed-infused hot cakes. "The response has been overwhelming," Pabst Labs brand manager Mark Faicol told NPR recently. "And right now our challenge is really producing enough product to keep up with demand from retailers."

With the recent success of hard seltzers, PBR manufacturing its own THC-infused beverage might sound like too much of a good thing, but the weed seltzers are non-alcoholic. In the FAQ on the Pabst Labs site, the company explains how it makes the seltzers. "We start with purified water, add lemon juice concentrate, 4 grams of sugar, California cannabis extract and other natural flavors," the FAQ states. There are about 5 mg of THC in each can.

For those who may be averse to getting high, Pabst Labs insists that the weed coming as an edible in liquid form will help manage what dose you're taking. The FAQ explains that because it's in liquid form, your body processes it quicker. (Faicol told NPR it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to start feeling the effects.) The FAQ also advises that you take your time in figuring out how much you can handle at once.

Faicol has also said he hopes that there are more products like this one on the horizon. "For over 175 years the Blue Ribbon has connected fans across generations around its products, and we think customers, new and old, are going to love the chance to experiment with something different from a brand they trust," he said in a press release obtained by Newsweek.

Picture of a marijuana leaf taken in a greenhouse at the Fotmer Life Sciences company in Nueva Helvecia, 120 Km west of Montevideo, Uruguay, on April 17, 2019. A new product from Pabst Labs infuses marijuana in seltzer. Getty/PABLO PORCIUNCULA BRUNE/AFP