'Peacemaker' Episode 2 Recap: The Supervillain Makes a Great Escape From a Butterfly Trap

Peacemaker Episode 2, which was released on HBO Max on Thursday, January 13, follows on directly from the first, with its eponymous character trying to escape after being caught in a Butterfly trap.

The episode opens with John Cena's Christopher Smith calling teammate Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) for help after he defeated the woman/Butterfly who attacked him in Episode 1.

Peacemaker Makes His Great Escape

Unlucky for Peacemaker, the police are hot on his trail so he high-tails it (in his tighty-whities no less) back to the Butterfly's apartment to get dressed and collect his gear, and also to take some of her classic rock vinyls and an alien device for good measure.

Harcourt wakes up Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) and gets her to come along to help Peacemaker, and while they arrive in good time he manages to get the police's attention by sticking his head out of the window of the Butterfly's apartment (an error on his part).

As a result, the supervillain has to find another way out of the building and he heads up a floor to find someone else's apartment to get into while the police pursue him.

Peacemaker knocks on one unsuspecting couple's door and forces his way in, and in an amusing turn of events he gets the husband, Evan, to pick up his vinyls after they dropped on the floor and the wife, Amber, to get rope to tie them up with.

Smith and Amber immediately hit it off because of their similar taste in music and the fact Peacemaker compliments her negligee, something that causes an argument between her and her husband.

After tying them up Peacemaker escapes by jumping from their balcony to the one below it, hurting himself in the process but forcing himself to go on anyway.

Harcourt heads out to assist in his escape and shoots tranquilizer darts at the police, and they manage to get away despite officers Sophie Song (Annie Chang) and Larry Fitzgibbon (Lochlyn Munro) shooting at them.

Peacemaker Gets Emotional

While Peacemaker escapes alongside Harcourt, Adebayo and Eagly, John Economos (Steve Agee) changes Smith's car registration on the order of their team leader Clemson Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji).

The tech wizz gets a little too ahead of himself, though, because he changes Peacemaker's registration and his fingerprints in the system to point to his father Auggie (Robert Patrick).

Murn is, understandably, not too pleased by Economos' decision to put the blame on Peacemaker's father because it will likely still lead back to the supervillain.

Meanwhile, Song and Fitzgibbon visit Auggie to question him over the "evidence" they found of him at the crime scene, in a conversation where the patriarch shows his racist colors by calling Song "chopsticks" and declaring he doesn't have to answer to her.

Peacemaker, Harcourt and Adebayo make it back safely, and the group debrief over the case at hand, though no one wants to explain what a Butterfly is to Smith quite yet.

After annoying his colleagues once more with his bullish personality and bullying-like remarks, such as calling Economos "dye-beard", Peacemaker returns home and breaks down over his actions.

He's a horrible person, he thinks, and he cries over being incapable of getting anyone to like him because he pushes them away, concluding that everyone "hates" him.

Peacemaker unwinds with Vigilante

While he's having this moment of vulnerability, Peacemaker is met by Vigilante with the supervillain telling his fellow crime-fighter that he was doing "face muscle exercises" and definitely wasn't crying.

The pair catch up after Peacemaker's four-year prison stint, with Vigilante admitting he's happy to have his "best friend" back, even if said pal thinks Eagly is his best friend, and Smith reveals he's a contract killer for the government.

Vigilante advises Peacemaker on their crime-fighting profession, saying they are natural born killers and they shouldn't feel bad about killing bad people (usually).

After this touching heart-to-heart, the pair decide the best way to blow off steam is to shoot at random household objects in the woods, drinking, and smoking weed with former kidnapee Amber in bed.

Auggie Smith is Sent to Prison

While Peacemaker and Vigilante were enjoying this time together, Adebayo heads back to the scene of the crime to speak to Evan and Amber (before she joined the two supervillains in bed) to offer them a bribe so that they frame Auggie.

Now with witness testimony, Song and Fitzgibbon take the patriarch into custody and send him to a local holding prison to await trial.

The episode ends with Auggie in prison, where he walks up to a young black prisoner to demand he move from his seat while the white inmates stand in support of him.

In a dramatic final sequence, the white inmates kneel before Auggie and give a Nazi salute as they shout "all hail the White Dragon."

The first three episodes of Peacemaker are out now, and it will air weekly every Thursday on HBO Max.

Freddie Strome as Vigilante and John Cena as Peacemaker in "Peacemaker" Episode 2, which was released on HBO Max on Thursday, January 13. HBO Max