'Peacemaker' Finale Recap: One Last Stand and Some Big DC Cameos

Peacemaker came to a thrilling conclusion on Thursday, February 17 with an action-packed final stand and some huge DC cameos.

It saw John Cena's supervillain and his crew get ready to save the world by killing the "cow" that is the only food source for the Butterflies, but the episode was so much more than that.

**Warning: This article contains spoilers for the 'Peacemaker' finale**

The episode opens moments after the penultimate one finished, with Peacemaker still upset with Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) for planting evidence on him on the orders of her mother, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).

Rather than hear Adebayo's apology Peacemaker prefers to make fart noises every time she talks, much to Vigilante's (Freddie Stroma) amusement, but some of what she says gets through to him: He shouldn't define himself by the death of his brother.

They arrive close to the barn where the Butterflies are hiding the "cow" and the team try and make a game plan for their mission, with Adebayo asking her mother for back-up and the group figuring out which of Peacemaker's helmets they can use in their attack.

Unfortunately, some of the helmets get lost in the process of their decision-making since the anti-gravity one floats away and Eagly drops the sonic boom helmet in the forest, rather than on top of the barn.

Peacemaker is Haunted By More Than His Guilt

The team decide to fan out to find the aforementioned sonic boom helmet, and while alone Peacemaker is accosted by none other than his father Auggie (Robert Patrick).

Peacemaker killed the patriarch in the previous episode after Auggie, dressed as his alter-ego the White Dragon, tried to kill him first.

It's clear that the supervillain is struggling with his guilt over the death of his father because Auggie taunts him mercilessly, saying that he will always control him even from beyond the grave.

The supervillain kills his father once more and his ghost falls to the ground, revealing the helmet they were all searching for.

Economos Takes the Lead

Now, they have the helmet team leader Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) says that it's up to John Economos (Steve Agee) to take it and place it as close to the "cow" as possible, because the Butterflies haven't seen his face.

Economos, despite his concerns, proves to be a real trooper as he heads to the barn with the weapon while pretending to be a Butterfly.

He manages to hold his own even as he is stopped by a possessed Detective Fitzgibbon (Lochlyn Munro), but when he sees the humongous "cow" he panics and leaves the helmet behind.

As Economos tries to make a break for it he is accosted once again by Fitzgibbon, who tries to discern whether he too is possessed by a Butterfly by asking why his beard is colored the way it is.

Economos is forced to admit he does dye his beard in a bid to look younger, saying that he didn't think anyone would have noticed until Peacemaker made so much fun of him over it.

While the story does persuade Fitzgibbon enough to let him go, one of the Butterflies discovers the helmet and they all start attacking him.

One Last Stand

Economos is surrounded by Butterflies all vying to take over his body, but luckily Adebayo manages to activate the helmet's sonic boom to destroy the barn and trap the "cow" in its underground cavern.

Now it's time for Peacemaker, Harcourt, and Vigilante to make their move, fighting off the alien creatures using an array of weapons.

While things seem to be going well at first, Harcourt and Vigilante both get felled by their enemies and fall to the ground, and even though Peacemaker heads down to the "cow" he gets trapped.

Adebayo, watching from the sidelines with Economos, decides to do something about this and makes her mother proud by going out into the field and shooting down the remaining Butterflies.

She even stops one of the alien creatures from possessing Harcourt by pulling it out of her mouth, before taking Peacemaker's human torpedo helmet and heading down to help him stop the "cow."

Adebayo tries to uncover Peacemaker but Detective Song (Annie Chang), aka the Butterfly Goff, gets there first.

Goff reveals to Peacemaker the truth behind the Butterflies invasion: they want to save humanity from destroying Earth like they did to their planet. She then asks Peacemaker to join their cause, but instead he kills the "cow".

Some Familiar Friends Show Up

Peacemaker and Adebayo head back after defeating Goff, the Butterflies and the "cow", with the supervillain carrying an injured Harcourt in his arms.

It's then, when the fight is over, that some familiar DC heroes show up: Superman, Aquaman, the Flash and Wonder Woman.

At first all that's visible is their outline because they are bathed in shadows, but then it's revealed that both Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller are in fact reprising their roles as Aquaman and the Flash, respectively.

Peacemaker tells them they're "too late" to help and tells Aquaman to go "f**k a fish", which the hero tells the Flash is a rumour he hates (even if the speedster believes it too).

Superman and Wonder Woman remain in shadow even as Momoa and Miller are visible, but the cameo is a welcome one nonetheless.

The Stage is Set for Season 2

The episode ends by tying up loose ends and setting the stage for Season 2, with Adebayo revealing the truth to the world about what she, Peacemaker and the team have been doing and also detailing her mother's Suicide Squad mission.

Meanwhile, Judomaster (Nhut Le), who was on the side of the Butterflies, finds them slaughtered after the battle, teasing the possibility that he could seek revenge on Peacemaker in future.

In terms of the team, Harcourt begins her road to recovery and Vigilante heals up well enough to enjoy blowing things up with Peacemaker again, while Economos returns to Belle Reve Penitentiary.

The episodes closing moments sees Peacemaker at home giving Goff, the last surviving Butterly, the last remnant of the sap they eat before Patrick's Auggie sits beside his son, showing that he will never stop haunting him.

Peacemaker is available to watch in full on HBO Max now.

John Cena as Peacemaker in "Peacemaker" Episode 8. HBO Max