Animals Out of Control: Peacock Trashes Liquor Store Outside of Los Angeles, Causes $500 in Damage

"Peacock in a liquor store" is the new "bull in a china shop." YouTube

A peacock walks into a liquor store...

No, this isn't a joke.

A peacock did indeed saunter into a liquor store in the Los Angeles area Monday afternoon. It hung out among an assortment of wine bottles until a customer finally spotted it, mistaking the long-feathered bird for a chicken. Manager Rani Ghanem then took notice, and tried to escort the unwelcome guest out of his store. He wasn't able to.

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Peacocks—or, in this case, peahens, female peacocks—are known for their dazzling plumage and vibrant colors, but they are far more mobile than most people realize. Ghanem found this out the hard way. When he tried to direct the bird out of the store, it flapped its way up to the top of a liquor shelf. Ghanem dialed animal control, which soon showed up with a fishing net. The peacock didn't like that very much.

"When it flew, I was like, this thing is going to be destructive if it flies one more time," Ghanem told the AP. That's exactly what happened. As the bird evaded animal control, it destroyed more than $500 worth of wine, carelessly knocking over bottle after bottle. Customers began taking cellphone videos of the mayhem. The peacock was in the store for around 90 minutes before it was captured by animal control and Ghanem, who put on a sweatshirt to protect himself from the bird's claws.

If you're wondering how an exotic bird like a peacock wound up inside a liquor store in Arcadia, California, which is actually 13 miles north of Los Angeles, it's not that improbable. As the AP points out, the bird was introduced to Arcadia after the town's founder, Lucky Baldwin, brought them over from India in the early 20th century. Their presence in the town of just under 60,000 has long been regarded as a "problem," appearing on rooftops, gardens, parking lots and elsewhere. This, however, is the first reported time one has decided to enter a retail establishment, where it failed to heed one of the industry's cardinal rules.

"He got expensive taste," Ghanem said. "I was like, you break you buy, dude. But clearly, he didn't. He got away with it."