Twitter Users Can't Believe Mike Pence Visited a Popular Cincinnati Chili Restaurant Chain and Only Ordered a Soda: 'That Should Be Impeachable'

He may have been watching his waistline, but many on Twitter thought that when Mike Pence turned up to a renowned Cincinnati restaurant chain, he should have at least sampled some of its fare.

In Ohio for President Donald Trump's rally, the vice president made a flying visit to a branch of Skyline Chili where he shook hands with employees and patrons.

But it seemed he was there only to press the flesh, not eat any, as many noted that in the half-hour visit to the Fort Wright branch on Thursday, the only thing he consumed was a Diet Pepsi.

Restaurant manager Hunter Beard described the visit as "a great experience" while customer Mike Staats said he had a "really nice conversation" with Pence, reported.

Mike Pence
Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the Loy Henderson Auditorium of the State Department in Washington, DC, on July 18, 2019. He has been criticized on Twitter for visiting a Cincinnati chilli restaurant and not eating anything there. MANDEL NGAN/Getty Images

But some wondered why Pence was not tempted by any of the offerings on the menu, which include the Cheese Coney, a hot dog covered with cheese and "secret recipe" chili or its 840-calorie chili cheese fries.

He also appeared to be unmoved by the prospect of having its signature dish, steaming spaghetti topped with chili and cheese, known as a 3-Way.

One Twitter user wrote: "Can't take a man that only orders a soda at Skyline Chili even remotely seriously. Afraid of what Mother would say if you tried a 3 Way? Afraid of how you would viscerally react to a Chili Dog? Shut up, Cotton Top"

Another opined: "Mike Pence stopped into a Skyline today and only got a drink. That should be impeachable." Another tweeted: "Bruh… Pence literally went to Skyline and ordered nothing but a Diet Pepsi. SMH"

Andrew Dorriere wondered: "Mike Pence really went to skyline and only ordered what? a Diet Pepsi? this the man y'all want as VP for another FOUR YEARS???

Kayla Jenneman tweeted that Pence going to skyline and only ordering a Diet Pepsi "is exactly why I hate this administration."

One social media user said: "How tf pence come to skyline and order a DIET PEPSI and then leave?? hell nah."

Another wrote: "Hey Pence did you know Skyline was established by a Greek Immigrant family?! I bet you didn't. Shame on Ft. Wright Skyline for letting you in."

Pence introduced Trump at the rally at the U.S. Bank Arena, telling those present Trump has managed to rebuild the military and create jobs, describing how under this administration there have been "two and a half years of action…results…and promises made and promises kept, but we're just getting started."

Twitter Users Can't Believe Mike Pence Visited a Popular Cincinnati Chili Restaurant Chain and Only Ordered a Soda: 'That Should Be Impeachable' | U.S.