Pennsylvania Attorney General's Son Walks in on Interview, Stops, Retreats Slowly

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro joked about confiscating his son's phone after the teen gatecrashed a media interview.

Shapiro was speaking to MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace on Friday night about GOP legal action filed in the state this week which sought to stop the counting of some ballots, as Biden's lead over President Donald Trump in the election continued to grow.

In a clip that has since attracted thousands of likes and shares across social media, Shapiro's son was seen slowly walking into the frame of the live TV interview before looking up and realizing his father was speaking to the news channel. Phone in hand, he slowly backs away.

"I'm taking his phone away for 24 hours," Shapiro tweeted yesterday after multiple users clipped the segment and shared it to social media. On his official profile, Shapiro joked that the incident had been proof that he will "never be as interesting as TikTok."

I’m taking his phone away for 24 hours. 😂

— Josh Shapiro (@JoshShapiroPA) November 7, 2020

Commendably, Shapiro didn't seem fazed by the distraction and continued to address Wallace's question, rejecting the Trump administration's legal maneuvers.

"This attempt by Donald Trump and those aligned with him to get those ballots thrown out and run to the Supreme Court as they have indicated, clearly that's failed. They've refused to intervene and ultimately those ballots are going to be counted," he said.

The Democratic AG, who was re-elected this week, has four children named Sophia, Jonah, Max and Reuben, his political biography says. On Twitter, Shapiro's daughter referenced the viral incident by saying she was a "proud sister" and retweeting some of the video clips. "My brother is a meme now and I am here for it," she wrote.

My brother is a meme now and I am here for it.

— Sophia Shapiro (@SophiaShapiro_) November 7, 2020

On Friday, Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. approved a GOP legal appeal and ordered voting officials to separate ballots that came in after election day, but did not tell the officials to stop counting ballots as had been requested, The Washington Post reported.

Lawyers for the Trump campaign filed at least half a dozen suits in battleground states since election day in order to challenge the counts, Bloomberg reported.

Trump has claimed, without evidence, that Democrats were trying to "steal the election" and has repeatedly suggested that voting was being manipulated against him.

In a post labeled as misleading, Trump said: "They are working hard to make up 500,000 vote advantage in Pennsylvania disappear—ASAP. Likewise, Michigan and others!"

Speaking to CBS News on Friday, AG Shapiro appeared resolute that legal filings from Trump's team would have little impact on the counts, which remain ongoing.

"There's been a lot of activity but really no change. The ballots are being counted, public servants and our communities are doing their best to follow the law and make sure that all these legal votes are counted," Shapiro said in the media interview.

"There's a lot of chatter, there's a lot of noise, but there's been no legal impact. These ballots are valid, they're lawful and they are being counted in Pennsylvania."

Josh Shapiro
Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro's son walked into a media interview being conducted with MSNBC on November 6. @JoshShapiroPA/Screenshot