Pennsylvania Man Shot in Head by Wife During Argument Over Breakfast Oats Dies Months Later

A Pennsylvania man shot in the head by his wife after a fight about breakfast oats the morning after a night spent smoking crack has died months after the incident, which the accused says was a tragic accident.

According to KDKA, John Maki, 29, finally succumbed to the injuries allegedly caused by Rachel Eutsey, 36, back in April when the pair fought at their home in Saltlick Township, Fayette County after she served him the wrong kind of oats.

"He wasn't happy with the traditional oats she bought instead of the instant oats he wanted," Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Robert Broadwater told KDKA.

Eutsey, who now likely faces homicide charges, called police and an ambulance after shooting Maki at around 1.51 p.m. on April 5, reported the Herald Standard.

She told officers that the pair had driven with their 8 month old daughter at 1.30 a.m. to score crack cocaine before smoking it while the baby sat in the vehicle, returning home to smoke more, and then falling asleep. This had happened on several successive nights.

When they woke up again, the altercation began over breakfast. Eutsey claimed Maki became violent because he was angry about what she served him, choking her.

So she went into her father's bedroom to retrieve a revolver before continuing the argument in her bedroom, the Miami Herald reported.

Maki was armed with a baseball bat, Eutsey claimed, which he then threw out of an open door and began marching towards her while yelling. She said she fired a warning shot to scare him—but the bullet hit her husband in the head.

She then called 911 and Maki, bleeding from the head and struggling to breathe, was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Pittsburgh where was in a critical condition after undergoing surgery on the head wound.

Eutsey was charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, and child endangerment, and held on $100,000 bail. She was being held at Fayette County Prison.

All of this took place in front of the couple's young daughter. The little girl was found by police to be living in filthy, neglectful conditions and taken into the care of Fayette County Children and Youth Services.

Pennsylvania State Police did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

bowl of porridge oats
Stock image. A bowl of porridge oats. A Pennsylvania man died months after being shot in the head by his wife during a row over breakfast oats. Getty