Pentagon Reveals Trump's Air Force One New Paint Job Will Be Red, White and Dark Blue

Part of the defense budget proposed by President Donald Trump Monday would include replacing Air Force One with a brand new Boeing 747-8. Procuring the new aircraft under the VC-25B Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization program would cost approximately $800.9 million.

With the proposed modernization of the aircraft comes a new paint scheme for Air Force One, replacing the design that has been in place the Kennedy administration in 1962. President John F. Kennedy himself help come up with the design of the plane in cooperation with industrial designer Raymond Loewy.

Trump's redesigned Air Force One would feature a red, white and blue color scheme as opposed to the current light blue and white. Some have observed a marked resemblance between the proposed new paint job for Air Force One and the planes used in Trump Shuttle, an airline owned by Trump from 1989 until 1992.

"Due to advancing age, the VCA-25A [the current Air Force One model] is experiencing increasing out of service times—currently well over a year for heavy maintenance to maintain compliance with Federal Aeronautics Administration airworthiness standards," read the budget proposal.

new air force one
Current aircraft that serve as transport for President Donald Trump may be replaced and updated with a new red, white and blue exterior paint job according to a budget defense proposal released Monday. Pentagon

The new Air Force One "will provide the President, staff and guests with safe and reliable air transportation at the same level of security and communications capability available in the White House," the proposal stated.

According to a statement provided to Newsweek by the U.S. Air Force, "The VC-25B Program will replace the United States Air Force Presidential VC-25A fleet, which faces capability gaps, rising maintenance costs, and parts obsolescence as it ages beyond 30 years."

Statistics from Boeing indicate that the 747-8 is the fastest commercial jet in the world with a cruising speed of .885 Mach, or just over 679 mph. The aircraft can also fly non-stop from Washington, D.C. to Hong Kong, which is 1,000 miles further than the current model.

Trump's attempts to give Air Force One a new look were blocked in 2019, although the plans were included in the proposed defense budget for 2020.

Connecticut Representative Joe Courtney added a provision preventing the paint job, saying it would keep the cost of replacing Air Force One within budgetary constraints.

"What we're trying to do is just make sure that the 'over and above' clause provision of the Air Force One contract does not become basically a back door for the program to hemorrhage in terms of additional costs," Courtney told the House Armed Services Committee in June 2019.

Over and above clauses are meant to cover work discovered during the process of repair that is not specifically mentioned in the initial contract.

Air Force One is designed to be the president's aerial base of operations in case of an attack on the United States. It can be refueled in midair and is equipped with electronics designed to be able to withstand an electromagnetic pulse.

Although any Air Force aircraft which carries the president is designated as Air Force One, the planes currently synonymous with that label were placed into service during the administration of President George H. W. Bush.

Updated 7:28 p.m. EST 02/11/2020: This story was updated to include information from a statement by the U.S. Air Force.