People Are Sharing Which Fictional Character Death Hit Them the Hardest

They may not technically be "real," but the deaths of our favorite fictional characters can feel as true as anything.

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

The topic has gone viral on Reddit after u/GoldenPhoenix21 posed a question to the online community: "What fictional character death hit you the hardest?" So far, 19,7000 users have voted on the post, and 17,800 have offered their responses, citing characters ranging from hit TV shows to classic novels. Here are a few of the most popular answers:

1. Abdul Ali, Squid Game

Despite featuring hundreds of deaths, the passing of Squid Game's kind, innocent, and trusting Ali—due to another contestant's betrayal—struck viewers as particularly tragic.

Said u/bongolongodongo: "Ali seemed like the person who was there for no fault of his own—he was only desperate because he was trying to make a better life for his family. He didn't gamble or drink his wealth away; his a**hole employer withheld his pay."

"I've never cried harder at a character death," added u/fruity_oaty_bars. "They did him so dirty."

"I'm not normally one who gets that upset about stuff from TV, because it can be sad at the time but doesn't really matter," echoed u/erinwilson97. "But I genuinely couldn't stop thinking about Ali's death all the next day it genuinely made me so upset."

Squid Game
Cosplayers dressed in outfits from "Squid Game," October 2021. MOHD RASFAN/AFP/Getty Images

2. Leslie Burke, Bridge to Terabithia

Whether it was Katherine Paterson's 1977 original novel or 2007 movie remake, the tragic death of Leslie Burke in the children's tale has left a mark on entire generations.

"Reading that book as a kid might have been my first experience coming to terms with the concept of death," said u/​​chaiyai/ "Hit me hard for months."

"We got that as assigned reading in grade school. I remember reading ahead and choking up in class," wrote u/comedian42.

Added u/throneofthornes: "I was almost 30 when I watched the movie and I cried so hard my husband had to turn it off and then I cried for another 45 minutes on and off."

3. Andrea Cantillo, Breaking Bad

Several commenters referenced the deaths of various Breaking Bad characters, but the season five murder of Jesse Pinkman's ex-girlfriend Andrea seemed especially resonant.

"This one was absolutely cold blooded," wrote u/AbracaDaniel21. "It was jaw dropping for me."

Said u/gingerbutterbutt: "This broke my heart so much that I couldn't finish the series."

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston trying on the signature hat worn by Walter White/Heisenberg in "Breaking Bad." JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

4. Sarah Lynn, BoJack Horseman

Featured prominently in the series until her death in season three, the troubled child-actor-turned-pop-star once played Bojack's adopted daughter on the fictional 90s hit TV show Horsin' Around.

"Sarah Lynn. It was too much man," wrote Redditor u/nyle2, in a highly-voted comment. "Cartoons should not be allowed to make me feel so much pain," replied u/lcybrks, "but good god BoJack is one of the most heart-wrenching shows I've ever seen."

"That show really knew how to twist the knife," echoed u/Scudamore.

Kristen Schaal
Actress Kristen Schaal, who voiced the character of Sarah Lynn on "Bojack Horseman," in New York. Monica Schipper/FilmMagic/Getty Images

5. Mufasa, The Lion King

Mufasa from the Disney classic is another character whose death affected countless viewers as children, staying with them well into adulthood.

"Bruh. hands down..... Mufasa," wrote u/parlaygodshateme, in a comment that received nearly 4,000 upvotes. "I was [six] and still [haven't] gotten over it."

"My husband watched Lion King for the first time around the time his grandfather passed away," added u/bluegrassmommy. "He said it broke his heart so badly he couldn't watch it for years afterward."