People Are Now Playing 'Squid Game' With Their Cats as Trend Takes Off

Squid Game is the television show that has been taking the world by storm, and it turns out animals are fans too.

The South Korean horror-drama is Netflix's most watched show to date, and sees characters competing to win a huge sum of money by playing a variety of children's games. Those who lose each time pay with their lives.

And now many people on TikTok are recreating one of the show's most brutal scenes using their cats.

We are, of course, talking about "Red Light, Green Light," a game that has stuck in the minds of many Squid Game fans because it was the first scene where we really got to understand the game's cruelty and its shocking disregard for human life.

The challenge features a giant robotic doll who instructs players to advance forward when she says "green light," but shoots people if they move after she has shouted "red light."

TikTokers are playing the game, which is similar to Grandma's Footsteps, by turning around to face their cats to see if the animals pause on demand.

Thankfully, this more-wholesome version involves no shooting, and no animals are actually harmed in the making of the videos.

One account, Sayanamusic, shared her version of the game on October 10, which featured her tabby kitten climbing the stairs, with the eerie audio from the scene playing over it.

In the clip, which has been watched 16.4 million times, the camera swerves, to mimic the swivel of the doll's head in the program, then turns back to show the pet has advanced further up the stairs but is now staying stock still.

Text overlaying the video reads: "Can we call agree that my kitten would crush Squid Game."

Many people have commented on the footage, which has 3.5 million likes, including the official Netflix account, which wrote: "I'd chose to be in an alliance with your kitten."

Mellerougue added: "I find it so cute when cats do this, even though they do it because they're practising for sneaking up and killing something."

Another account, Stanleythestanman, shared footage of their cat successfully taking part.

The clip, which has been watched more than 147,400 times, shows a white and brown cat rapidly moving up the another stair case in accordance with game rules.

This footage, that can be viewed here, is captioned: "Red light, green light. #catsoftiktok #fyp #squidgame" and has attracted 21,100 likes.

One person, Thisismyname239, commented: "This cat is too good."

However not every feline taking part in the game would have survived the real thing. One man, posting on the account The_Cat_Games, attempted the scene, but his white fluffy cat kept running away.

He captioned the clip, which can be watched here, writing: "I Don't Think Angie Understands Red Light, Green Light‼️ #squidgame #redlightgreenlight #game #netflix #fypシ #foryou #cat #kitten #catsoftiktok #pet."

Among the many feline versions of the game posted to the app is a unique video, which can be viewed here, in which TikToker Louisandmelo uses his cat's fierce stare to replicated the role of the large robotic doll.

The footage, dubbed "Squid Game: Judgy cat version," was shared on October 6 and has been watched by 25,800 people.

Cat squid game
A file photo of a cat and a still from Netflix's "Squid Game." On TikTok, pet owners have been recreating the "Red Light, Green Light" game with their cats. Getty Images/Netflix

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