From Parallel Parking to Stalling Here's the 'stupidest' Ways People Failed Their Driving Test

Driving tests can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially considering statistically you are more likely to fail than pass.

Figures released by the UK's Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) revealed that during the year 2018/19 the pass rate was 45.8 percent, its lowest in a decade.

Despite the fact that failure is common, it does not make the experience any less disheartening.

However, if you have recently missed out on a driving licence you may be emboldened by the fact that many people have taken to TikTok to share the hilarious ways that they have also messed up their test.

An account called Yourfavouritefoodie shared a video on the app on October 6, which revealed: "I need you guys to tell me the actual stupidest ways you failed your driving tests because I paid £200 ($275) and waited 3 months to try to a red light and fail in under 5 minutes. I didn't even get to turn."

The clip, which can be watched here, has since gone viral with 773,300 views, and more than 3,500 people granted Yourfavouritefoodie's request by sharing the reasons they failed their test.

One TikTok user, Sally, wrote: "Spoke to a homeless man who asked if my test was going well at red lights."

Another person, Tash Prowse, revealed: "I got nervous and forgot which side of the road you drive on so started driving on the right side of the road."

Therealgc89 admitted: "I failed before I made it out of the test centre because it started raining and I didn't know how to put my wipers on so couldn't set off."

Cleo Cooper explained she was close to passing, writing: "I failed right at the end of my test by turning into the no entry of the driving centre."

Nicole shared that she "stalled 5 times at traffic lights on a hill start because I was trying to move off in third not first."

Danileewhiskin explained: "I failed before I even left the test centre on a parallel park and then cried and tried to bribe the instructor to start again."

Igs typed: "I failed pulling out of the driving centre, was in covid times you have to go back when you fail, so I did a U Turn in the car park next door."

Baby posted a string of laughing-face emojis before revealing: "I tried reversing on a roundabout."

Hani commented: "My mum was trying so hard to open the door and it wasn't working then she realised it wasn't her car and the examiner was standing by hers."

Car upside down
Stock image of an upturned car. On TikTok many people have shared the hilarious reasons they failed their driving test. iStock