'Reported Me to the Police:' People Share Their Worst Date Stories Online

People have been entertaining others on social media with tales about some of their worst dates, after a man posted a story detailing his own nightmare encounter.

The emergence of dating apps may have made it easier than ever to meet fellow singles, but it doesn't always equate to a match made in heaven.

In fact, one study of 2,000 adults found that women who had met "The One" had to go on seven dates, as well as a further two blind dates and two internet dates, before encountering that special someone. The study also found men who had met their soulmate, on average went on eight dates, three blind dates and three online dates before settling down.

Dating can be an arduous and expensive process too, with pitfalls ranging from having no shared interests to a general lack of attraction or chemistry. But, as with anything in life, it can be beneficial to try and see the funny side in it all. That's precisely what sparked a major discussion about bad dates on Twitter.

A man, posting as Andie Dyer, recalled the time one date got off to the worst possible start when he decided to cycle there. As a screenshot shared to his Twitter shows, his date was far from impressed. "It's meant to be a date and you're on your bike," they wrote.

"I don't understand what you mean," Andie pleaded, with his date attempting to back out of the meet-up altogether as it felt like "just meeting a mate in the park" now.

"Needless to say the date didn't go well, I got ignored," Andie joked.

Maybe it was because his date's objections were so bizarre, or maybe people just wanted Andie to feel better about things, but he was soon flooded with replies from people eager to share their own dating horror stories.

"I went for coffee with a guy who - within the first 10 minutes of meeting - gave my detailed insight into all of his physical health quirks," LeeOnPluto wrote. " One of them was how he was able to push air out his penis as if it was farting."

LydiaJGregory recalled a first online date from back in 2012, writing: "We'd emailed a few times but only a few photos up on our profiles...he saw me walk past the window, smiled, and then his first words when I sat down: 'sorry, can't stay long.'"

Weyland76, didn't even get as far as a date. "I'd arranged a date with a guy," they recalled. "Just as was leaving the house to go on the date the text me calling it off because he'd met someone else on the bus home from work and was going on a date with them instead."

Elsewhere, Malexwalex shared an especially bizarre encounter. "Got back to a guy's flat and he said 'back in a min' disappeared for 20 minutes, came back dressed in a full film quality Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder version) costume. Did the little walk in the room with the stick and the fake fall and roll over and everything."

The roles were reversed for Mallysis. "On a date once, suddenly noticed lots of missed calls and messages. Nipped to the loo to listen," she wrote. "Had to explain to him that I had to go because my family had reported me to the police as a missing person! Left him looking baffled. Was only gone 2 hours!"

JAJohn shared another horror story. "On a double date, my guy was wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with a checklist of who he'd supposedly shagged, with 'your sister' etc on," she wrote. "They took us to a buffet, yet itemized the bill upon paying as our wine was more expensive than their beer."

Elizabeth Eamon's was even worse. "I had a lunch date and when I arrived he told me he didn't like what I was wearing and could I go home and change," she wrote. "I kid you not."

Thegiamchop, meanwhile, remembered one date with a man who "ordered champagne in a crowded restaurant and when they asked what we were celebrating he said the rest of our lives."

"It was our first date. The people were clapping like a Ryanair flight landing," she added.

Newsweek has contacted Andie for comment.

A man and a woman looking unhappy.
A file photo of a man and a woman looking unhappy on a date. People have been sharing bad date stories on Twitter. jacoblund/Getty