People Shocked at Donkey 'Pedicure' After Hooves Resemble 'Turkish Slipper'

People are shocked over what donkeys' hooves look like when you don't regularly trim them, after a professional shared a "pedicure" online.

An animal lover has set up a TikTok page dedicated to the four-legged friends, suitably called Cute Donkey.

They share numerous videos of the creatures in poor conditions, with overgrown, dirty and even curling hooves.

Their most popular video, first shared late last month, has already amassed more than 19 million views, with people fascinated by the pedicure process.

The team has to use industrial-style cutters to remove the majority of the extra growth, before they trim away any excess matter.

Clearly loving their work, in an undisclosed location, their TikTok bio says: "Repairing donkey hoofs and making them healthy is a very happy job!"

While horses typically have horseshoes, donkeys usually don't require them.

But they do need regular maintenance, with website The Donkey Sanctuary claiming they need trimming "every six to 10 weeks."


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"Just like horses, most donkeys will require a foot trim every 6-10 weeks however care must be taken when trimming donkey's feet as there are many ways in which the anatomy differs from horse feet," they wrote.

A hoof that has been left to grow will resemble a shoe, as the sanctuary added: "The overgrown foot often has long heels which have collapsed under the foot resulting in the donkey's foot resembling a "Turkish slipper."

Expert Alex Thiemann, from the Veterinary Department of The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, U.K. was quoted by The Horse confirming this is what happens when a donkey's hoof is uncared for.

He said: "The hooves of donkeys are often neglected and, therefore, have excessive growth. Without being trimmed, the toe turns up and the foot takes on a 'Turkish slipper' appearance."

It appears the donkeys in the video have gone a lot longer than 10 weeks without any attention, as their hooves have taken on this distinctive shape.

Commenting on the unusual look, Matthew Narain admitted: "Bro I thought he was cutting someone foot off I'm slow."

Aida joked: "so they grow shoes in secret huh?"

TJ commented: "First I thought it was a foot, then one of those realistic cakes, then a horse all in about 2 seconds."

Jesse Makinen reckoned: "Imagine how good it feels to walk after that."

Mo asked: "Who else thought it was a football shoe at first."

While Yammma added: "For anyone wondering in the wild animals are moving around a lot more than in captivity therefore they grind down on their own."

Newsweek reached out to Cute Donkey for comment.

Image of a donkey by a roadside
Stock image of a donkey by a roadside, displaying the classic "Turkish slipper" hoof, which hasn't been trimmed for a while. Getty Images/SmirnovPeter