People Are Sticking Googly Eyes on Everything From Trees to 'Mom's Ashes' in Viral Trend

When it comes to making people laugh it is often the simplest ideas that are the most effective.

That's why a recent trend of putting googly eye stickers on items has been doing the rounds on Twitter, and people find it hilarious.

The small adhesive circles are white with a black circle 'pupil' inside which can be wiggled about.

On October 9 one account called Thegallowboob shared a picture of a Starbucks menu board, with each item covered with either one or two of the stickers.

This made the array of breakfast buns, burgers and lattes appear as alien-like creatures ogling back at those who are trying to select one to devour.

The Twitter user captioned the image, which can be viewed here: "Someone put googly eyes on the entire drive thru Starbucks menu."

The photograph has gone viral, having been liked more than 54,000 times in one day. It has also garnered thousands of comments and retweets.

Someone put googly eyes on the entire drive thru Starbucks menu

— Rob N Roll 🎃™️ (@thegallowboob) October 9, 2021

Many people decided to share snaps of other items they had given life to by sticking on googly eyes.

One person, Nicole Dickinson, posted a picture of some bathroom products, writing: "I did this to the bathroom cabinet!"

With a pair of eyes on every bottle or pot of cream, the items humorously glare back at her as she reaches for one to fix her appearance.

One popular choice for the eyes was sticking them on peppers that have been cut in half, which Twitter user Roz Burrows demonstrated.

In her photo, the dangling vegetable seeds look just like jagged teeth.

"This is also something you might consider every time you slice open a pepper. It's at least 8 seconds worth of sheer entertainment," she tweeted.

There are also widely shared images within the Twitter thread that show people have put the stickers on lampposts, vacuum cleaners, elevators, cat hair and trees, among other things.

But it's not just inanimate objects that have fallen victim to the comical stickers.

An account by the name of SZinPA shared a view of the framed family photographs in her hallway, and all the subjects had large, ogling eyes.

One person, Lesley de la Salle, even revealed that her deceased mother was now part of the trend.

Sharing a picture of a wooden urn, she wrote: "My mom's ashes, my dad put Googly eyes on her and since she wore glasses Eyeglasses he put stickers of glasses over the googly eyes."

And if you want to get involved yourself 600 adhesives of the stickers can be purchased on Amazon for just $5.43, or you can buy them in most craft stores.

A photograph of a handbag with googly eyes on it, taken in California in 2017. People on Twitter are sticking similar looking eyes on all manner of objects. JB Lacroix/Getty Images