Delivery Person Shares Video of Them Being Screamed at for Doing Their Job

A Shipt delivery person posted a series of videos to TikTok that show customers screaming at them for delivering groceries.

In the videos, a woman screams at two people working for Shipt, the Target-owned grocery delivery service, for supposedly speeding in a residential neighborhood and using the wrong entrance to get into the gated community.

The first video implies that the man and woman yelling at the pair were not even the people they were delivering to. "These two people pulled up behind us cusing [sic] us out and blocking our way from leaving when we were trying to deliver geociers [sic]," the delivery person posted on the video.

When one of the drivers becomes frustrated at the woman for yelling at them, the woman continues to lay into them about their speed and the way they entered the neighborhood. "You don't drive fast through a neighborhood either," she said. When the person filming confronts her for following them and taking down their license plate, she begins scolding them and lecturing them about Shipt.

"Do you know when you work with Shipt it's only supposed to be one person? You don't work as a—you're not supposed to have anyone else in your vehicle. So obviously, you're new to Shipt," she berated the two. When the driver said that it was her first day, the woman yelled, "It might be your last day too!"

As the driver went to get more groceries from her car, another man reprimanded her that next time she needs to go through a different entrance. "If you go through the front gate, I wouldn't talk to you," he said. The woman delivering groceries responded that he didn't need to yell at her in the first place. "Yeah, we do, because this is our neighborhood, not yours." When the delivery person said that she was just doing her job and delivering groceries, the man responded that she "didn't need to be such an ass about it."

The woman responded that she hadn't cursed at the man or acted disrespectfully to the man, but he replied sarcastically. "Oh no, you're hurting my feelings," he said.

The first video has been viewed about a million times on TikTok, and the second video was posted twice with over 6 million views between the two posts. The delivery person posted more videos to their TikTok showing the speed they were going at, the gate that had supposedly been damaged by them and that their Shipt account had been deactivated.

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