Person Tells Cop He Is Blocking Crosswalk, Gets $200 Ticket in Viral Post

A Redditor took to the social media platform to reveal they allegedly told a cop he was blocking a crosswalk, and they ended up getting pulled over, leaving with a $200 ticket before it was all over. Redditors are in full support of the OP, and they didn't hold back with their harsh criticism for the cop.

The viral post, which was shared to the subreddit "TIFU," or "today I f***ed up," was posted on February 10 by u/pfabs. It has garnered 24,000 upvotes with over 2,000 comments, and people are genuinely up in arms over the situation.

The post is titled, "TIFU by telling a cop he was blocking a crosswalk so people could cross the street." The original poster (OP) recounted that the situation had occurred a few hours prior to the post. They were in a left-turning lane stopped at a light when a cop "almost blew a red light and came to a lurching stop" in the lane opposite the poster.

The law enforcement officer was looking down at his cell phone while blocking a crosswalk. The OP took it upon themselves to roll down their window to tell the cop that kids were attempting to cross, and that he was "completely blocking the crosswalk."

In a comment, the OP added more clarity about what they told the cop: "Hey, those kids want to cross but your car is blocking the crosswalk."

Cop writing ticket
A person told a cop he was blocking a crosswalk and ended up with a $200 ticket before it was all over. Here, a cop writes a ticket. AIJOHN784/GETTY

But things didn't end there, and the cop replied back. "He responded 'You're in a school zone, put down your cell phone,'" the OP recalled. "I held both hands up and showed him I didn't have my cell phone in my hands. When I got the green turning arrow, he lit up his lights, pulled me over, and gave me a lovely $200 ticket for being on my cell phone in a school zone."

Unfortunately, the OP wrote, the truck they were in doesn't have a dashcam like their other car. The OP sent the ticket in with the not guilty option selected, although they know they will have to pay for it. However, the OP revealed they plan to go to court over the situation.

According to Statista, in 2011, the police gave numerous reasons for traffic stops in the United States in a survey. The number one reason was for speeding, which accounted for 46.5 percent of cases. A defect in the vehicle was the second most common reason with 14.1 percent of cases. Record checks made up 9.7 percent of instances as well. The rest were for illegal turns or lane changes with 7 percent, stop signs and light violations with 6.7 percent, and seat belt or cellphone violations at 6.6 percent. The following options were also part of the survey: "Other reason" with 5.1 percent of cases, and 3.1 percent of the cops surveyed didn't give a reason.

Redditors are rallying around the OP in the predicament. Some brought up some of their opinions on law enforcement, and many were critical. "Behavior like this is why people don't like the police," someone wrote. "If any cop is doing it then any of them can, which builds significant mistrust."

Some people had advice for the OP before they go to court. "Put in a request for his body cam footage," a Redditor suggested. "Do this before the court date, most likely if there is body cam footage he won't even show."

Another person thinks the Redditor should contact their phone company to print out the call and text data log, "and you can present those to the judge." They also added, "Screw this guy."

Many think the OP should fight the situation in court. "Go to court and argue it," a user said. "Chances are he won't show."

Some seemed positive about the OP being able to fight the situation. "You'd be surprised the tickets you can fight and win in court," someone wrote. "He may not even show up because this sounds like something you can easily beat."

An apparent foreigner had harsh words after reading the post. "It's these kinds of things that make me genuinely not want to visit America," they said.

A Redditor doesn't understand the cop's behavior in the situation. "I don't understand how people can be so blatantly evil," the user expressed.

Other comments included things like, "The cop was on his phone in a school zone," and "That would make me so f***ing angry."

The criticism came rolling in for the officer. One person reasoned the cop "nearly hits a bunch of kids in a crosswalk because he was looking at his phone, and he has the balls to give you a ticket for (not) being on your phone. Getting your ticket waved is one thing, this cop needs to be fired."

A Redditor doesn't think the OP is the one who messed up. "Instead you just got f****d for doing the right thing," they added.

Newsweek reached out to u/pfabs for comment.